When Tragedy strikes



Have you ever wondered why sometimes theres a different to the love we feel for any human compared to an animal? I have noticed that when we see a stranger dead, say on the road or even somewhere or even crying out for help.. it doesnt really hit us does it? But if we see a dog lying in the middle of the road, silently, with blood all over him.. doesnt it strike the very chords of our hearts? When i see a dog even limping, i blame god for it. I am saddened by the pain the creature goes through and yet he hardly worries anyone about it.

And if it was a human being in the same circumstance. I know for a fact that i wont feel the same sympathy i did. I might come out as an extremely cruel person, or even heartless, but i knwo for a fact that it is the same way most people feel. But why is that? Is it coz we feel that no matter what, people can do and ask and get anything they want? and an animal cannot express his feelings or even ask to fulfill his simplest needs?

My father always asks me.. “if u were told that your dad was in hospital.. would you care as much as princess (my dog) being in pain?” and i had nothing to do but give him a truthful answer. No i wouldnt. Princess comes first for me more than any other person or creature in my life. Lots of people say im stupid and i have no clue as to what im saying. But im being honest. She is my pride, my joy and my life.

How much does it take for a human being to get down from their vehicles and help an innocent animal in pain? two minutes of their lives? and yet,… why do we hesitate in doing so? What excuses do we make to ourselves to get away from it? That we are scared of animals? They are as scared of us as we are of them.. and they would only hurt us if they have the slightest indication that we would hurt them first.

So my whole point is… next time we see a dog suffering in the middle of the road would we get down and help him out? or would we just choose to walk away?


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