Lost all Substance


Every time I see a remake of an English film into Hindi, all I do is roll my eyes and think “gosh there they go again, copying Hollywood’s work and making it Bollywood”. For me that’s what they are known for because every single time I see some dumb Hindi trailer on TV it’s just like every English movie we have seen. Is it that they aren’t creative enough to come up with their own script? I think not, especially since there were movies like Black, Pa that came out.

Anyway that was not the basis of me writing this post. It seems, that we have certain people in this country who walk around like they are the queen of England, all because either they are in some ridiculous magazine or because they own it. Yes, I know everyone reading this nailed it and guessed which magazine I am referring to. First of all it was a direct copy of the Hello magazine in the UK and secondly since we don’t seem to be able to find interesting people, oh wait let me rephrase that, since we cannot find scandalous news to publish like they do abroad, the local Hi magazine is based around taking pictures of people who go for parties and to clubs.

That concept really gets old dear editors, or do you promise people that you will put their pictures in so that they purchase the magazine? When I was recently at the salon I read their magazine after some time and it hasn’t changed a bit. There’s still a horde of pictures of teeny boppers, out and about and all of our lovely editor’s high society friends all posed up for the camera. And then there was the “editors” pick of the best dressed women of 2010 and boy didn’t I laugh like crazy. It was even funnier that most of the women who were at the salon laughed along with me at what a ridiculous choice made.

I have to agree that some women rightfully deserved the spot as they truly were glamour queens in my books, but sigh…. There was one young lady (I won’t mention names)  whom I have come across quite a few times who is in a lot of peoples books a clear example for the phrase (money cannot buy you class or style) who was highlighted in the magazine. A lot of people who has seen her would never note her as a “best dressed” candidate as she is, just downright “goday” and dresses like a grandmother and nothing like her age. The tragic part of this whole thing is that I know that the “editor” and this girl are good friends and they party out quite frequently. So dear editor, is your choice biased then?

So what is the outcome of this magazine? NOTHING! We read articles about women, who were probably born here or whose parents are Sri Lankan and they live in the states and they tend to be rich and powerful. We don’t want to read about people who have lived there all their lives and made it big somewhere in Timbuktu.  As Sri Lankans we want to read about people who have lived here, studied here or abroad and made it big here and made our country proud. We don’t want to read about some person whose half Sri Lankan, lived all their lives in the states and made it big there. I mean like we care!

So my advice dear editor, drop the act, stop prancing around town acting like a teenager and behave your age first of all and also try your level best to produce a magazine with some substance.


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  1. “Every time I see a remake of an English film into Hindi, all I do is roll my eyes and think “gosh there they go again, copying Hollywood’s work and making it Bollywood …”.
    what do you do when you see that hollywood borrows from old movies, french, asians and etc. and remake them? roll them in other direction perhaps? lol
    same with mags . do you really think most of mags anywhere in the world have original substantive stuff? i mean really!

    fact is that lots of ppl buy this trash and it makes ppl money. let them !

    so instead of dressing down the editor er… ‘editors’ and describing how they look naked just don’t buy it.

  2. btw most ppl who “and made it big here and made our country proud.” do look ‘goday’. good for them ! bc as such they look authentic and way better than downright vulgar britsh royals as displayed in recent awfully kitschy ‘wedding’.

    time to drop your own aesthetic values borrowed from uk perhaps?

  3. hehe…well, it is a ‘society’ mag. :I Still, the same people do seem to make it into the mag always. sigh…oh for the life.. 😦

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