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Lemons and wine……


Last night i met up with some old friends after a long long time. One of them, “peanut” insisted that we try Lemon, which is Kolus new restaurant.  When you walk in there its beautiful.. its on the rooftop and the place looks so comfy and all that.. so “rice ball” and I got some comfy lounge chairs and relaxed with the drinks menu.. in came “peanut” with her on and off boy toy “tensabi maki”

Of course being the rioter he is I was in a fit of giggles from the beginning till the end when “tensabi maki” started talking and taking the crap out of everything around us… specially little peanut 🙂

So we ordered the food, the prices aren’t too bad.. it ranges from Rs. 700 to about Rs. 1500. The drinks on the other hand is on a nett rate from Rs. 600 and upwards which is not too bad at all. So we ordered our food. I ordered the stuffed calamari with minced pork, rice ball ordered the belly pork, “tensabi maki” got the thai noodles with prawns and little peanut got a caesar salad.

When the food arrived we were all in shock. The caesar salad was the side of her tiny palm with leaves and croûton only… it tasted terrible and it hardly filled one mouthful. The entire time we had to sit and listen to peanut go on about the caesar salad at coco veranda which to be honest is simply amazing.

My calamari was okay.. and being a person who hates vegetables i actually enjoyed the veges more than i did the meat. The belly pork on the other hand was simply yum. I was told Lemon was known for that dish and rightly so as it was quite delicious. “tensabi maki” was taking the crap out of his dish and screaming out to the world how master-chef material it was even though we all knew he hated it.

Ofcourse i think the whole of Colombo has been there or comes there quite often as we bumped into so many people. Our entire dinner lasted a little bit over an hour so “tensabi maki” said lets go get sloshed at the swimming club.  The four of us got there and we started opening up bottle after bottle of white wine and it was just “tensabi maki”, me and rice ball who drank. Ofcourse i know my limits after too many drunken nights and shameful behavior, so i stopped after 3 glasses. I definitely couldn’t say the same for the other two who hammered drink after drink.

Now everyone has always told me the hot butter cuttle fish is great at the swimming club.. and me being a huge fan of that particular dish, we ordered it and i was in heaven and mannn did that hit the spot. Anyway the night ended with those two getting sloshed as they call it and peanut screaming in the parking lot to “tensabi maki” to let her drive and rice ball trying to get in on the action. Poor rice ball couldnt even see the road so i had to drive him home while i listened to him ramble and throw up a million times and also scream at my driving on the way.

So note to self : Dont eat at Lemon, dont drink too much wine or let the rest who is with u drink too much on a weekday. Today i heard that rice ball and “tensabi maki” are food poisoned eventhough peanut and I know that those two drama queens are drunk and hungover and they just dont want to go to work.


Sri Lankan Airlines – We are definitely NOT their world.


This is a long overdue post that my very good friend waffles has been asking me to write for ages. I guess since recently i didnt have the kick to actually sit in one place and write something. So since waffles has threatened me quite a few times i thought ill actually sit my ass down and write this post.

Just over a month ago i took my very first trip abroad.. yes i know its sad that its such a long overdue trip but i did it.. it was to Bangalore for my best friends engagement but i simply loved the idea of going as i was going aloneee….. the feeling was just wonderful and i was excited about it from the very first day i told my parents im going.

So the lovely airline Sri Lankan airlines did my travel and accomadation. Firstly it took them a long time to actually get their act together and make my bookings and do all that.. and secondly when i had confirmed all the details and i went over to world trade centre to pay for everything, i sat in front of that girl who did all my details and waited for over an hour for her just to print out my ticket. Correct me if im wrong but if i managed to confirm everything by mail and the phone why should it take so long to print my ticket out?

Anyways after that was over in two weeks or so i was to fly out. Since it was my first time waffles gave me a full out tutorial of what i should do and where i should go and whom i should speak to at the airport. Ofcourse even after that waffles was on the phone with me guiding me through it all coz waffles knew id muck it up somehow and ruin everything and most probably end up in a completely different part of the airport.

So anyway the sri lankan airlines team at the airport was really really friendly and they were very nice. As i boarded the plane i went and sat next to a grumpy old man who hardly smiled or did anything.. but what more can you expect from indians i guess.So then when we were about to take off the stewardess did the usual safety procedure and the way she did it made it seem that she wished she can jump off the plane. She rolled her eyes the entire time and i am very sure we can find more enthusiasm on a dead turtle than this girl.

At first the flight was fine but then a whole heap of turbulance started and and then the food was carted off to us. Now i get it that its a short flight so they dont really need to give us anything to eat, but i would very much prefer if they bloody hell didnt give us anything at all than the shit they offered us. I can swear my dogs shit probably will taste better than that. We were given a muffin that was tasteless and a mango juice in a carton and also some small bun which was the size of half an eqlair. At first i was like yay a hot dog and then i opened it and it was like a liver thingy in it… i took one bite and the only thing i wanted to do was puke it out… too bad it was a plane and i couldnt open the shutter and throw it up (another joke at waffles who told me never to worry if i feel like throwing up to feel free to open the window and throw up ) 🙂

Anyways all in all the flight to and from there sucked royally, and their food was horrible. My advice to Sri Lankan is to not serve anything at all because i think you can keep your passengers very happy without any food other than giving them such terrible horrible meals like that in your god awful bright purple dishes.



I went through this very depressing stage where i couldn’t find a single movie to watch.. so a friend of mine dragged me to this video store and we bought a heap of movies for a dirt cheap price. I love horror or anything based around that concept so when i saw this movie hanging up there i thought what the hell.. it looks alright…

Well let me just start off by saying its a stupid pathetic excuse for a movie.. i was so utterly bored at the script and the acting was outrageously ridiculous. First of all during the entire movie Brittany murphy had the weirdest yucky hairdo i had ever seen.. it was like she showered and forgot to wipe her hair but poured a large bucket of oil down it. So anyway i sat through the movie and the first five minutes felt like an hour because the movie dragged on for ages.. and she takes an hour to blink and even say one word..  I mean no disrespect to the girl as she did have a drug overdose sometime back and died.. but if this is the kind of movie the directors want us to remember her by then they did her a lot of injustice.

The movie is based around her taking her boyfriend to the hospital for some operation on his leg and he goes missing and bla bla bla and she keeps running around annoying every nurse and doctor looking for an imaginary patient and all this nonsense and it turns out that he played her and it was all a ransom act because she worked in a BANK!!! whatever!

All in all the movie was crap! and i cant believe i wasted my time watching it.. but then again i did fast forward the entire movie coz it was a load of garbage.