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Gaming Community in Sri Lanka



Being a typical kind of girl who wasn’t that into these so called great games such as Counter Strike, Dota and Call of duty, I wasn’t all too interested in the progress or what happened and who raped whomJ in all these matches. Having two brothers who have an undying passion for gaming has always made it revolve in my life no matter how much I want to just shut it out.

And then came Tin Man J a person I have known for the past 6 years or so… I knew he loved warcraft long time back and he promised to teach me.. But since I have kicked his butt around in everything else.. (Quake) he realized it won’t look too good if I whooped his ass in this too. So here I am sad as a puppy because no one is taking the time to teach me.

My two brothers, fellow Vegeta and Frostbite were big time CS players and frosty tried to teach me but I seemed to have serious problems with aiming, so he gave up on me too. When the tournaments came along.. lets just say some were really well organized, I seemed to be one of the only girls there and even though I did feel awkward at first, the thrill of watching these guys play is amazing… I think my all time favourite CS player will always be Killerlot.. Sorry for the other guys.. I guess I haven’t noticed you guys play. 😦

From the very beginning I always thought gaming was a complete and utter waste of time, and to some extent I still believe so.. but I understand why most guys get addicted to it and make their lives revolve around it. It’s the thrill of the game I guess. I do believe that most of you guys do waste a lot of time on it when u can do a lot more with your time, but I understand to some extent the hype of it.. I guess I wont really understand it till someone takes the time to teach me 🙂

All in all i have met some superb people through that… i dont think ill remember everyones names but just a small mention.. other than for my two dopey brothers ofcourse… tin-man, breaker, scala, ryan, killerlot, liverpool, The entire FEAR team i cant remember… 🙂 ice man, shit… i cant remmeber.. all the guys i play poker with 🙂


Reasons the Harry Potter movies didnt work



Please dont get me wrong for writting this but its the co mmplete truth from my side of town. Firstly let me say that i am one of the biggest fans of the entire Harry Potter Franchise…. the imagination of the author had captivated me for years and years and i used to count the days till the books came out. When i heard the movie was about to be released i was very happy. I loved the idea of it, and i knew that the author would make sure they did justice to the book. So in my honest opinion the Movies…. SUCKED… i dont know which half brained twit thinks that the movies are good but i can assure you that they are the worst movies ever released and no child should be given the misfortune to watch them.

Why the Movie was a flop:

1) Change in Directors

Have you even once noticed why every movie had a completely different director… why couldnt they just stick to one guy and carried on with his vision? but nooo they had to go choose different people.. and what happenes?? one guy wants the movie darker than the rest and the other guys try to out do hijm.. and at some points the movie turned out to be a joke.. the whole point why the movie is never consistent is because wach one has his own view on the subject and they think they can edit whichever they want regardless of the fact that the movie is one of the most anticipated movies and it is their job to make it worth our time. Ever considered why Lord of the rings was such a success? because the Director peter jackson was a fan and he wanted to bring out the true and proper aspects of the movie. He edited the most relevent parts and still made sure the movie stayed true to the book.

2) The useless actors

Oh good lord who would wish so much hate on the Harry potter we love? the actors they chose for the movie is just downright insulting. The actors who portrayed them (Heaven forbid i do not want to utter their names) were simply horrendous. Their acting was soo rushed and forced and they were soo talentless. I felt so sorry for them. The only reason they are popular was because they were british but they are rubbish as actors. I came across ms. hermione grangers other movies and i was simply appalled coz it was the same forced nonsense she gave out in harry potter. Sad as it may sound didnt they try to make it seem like harry and hermione were going to hook up during all the movies??? I mean did any of these people read the damn books?? Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson certainly weren’t going to be winning any Best Actor or Actress awards for their performances.

The movies didn’t come close (or really appear to even make a decent attempt) at replicating and enhancing onscreen the emotional climaxes of the book. All i can say is i hope they stop making all these movies and embarrassing everyone coz its a shamefull disappointment..

What is love?


When it’s love you give
Then in love you live.
I’ll be the rock you can build on,
Be there when you’re old,
To have and to hold.
When there’s love inside
Then there’s a reason why.
I’ll be the wall that protects you
From the wind and the rain,
From the hurt and pain.

Brian Adams – All for love


What is love? Does anyone know? We all have different definitions on what we feel love is… for me love is about protection and commitment and trust. I need to feel the secureness that the person im with loves me with all his heart. I hate being in a relationship where you feel that you just cant trust him. It kills you inside and it destroys your beliefs when your proven right. All of us need to believe that we are loved. We began life with confidence when we bathed in our mothers love. Love was never a question then. But throughout the years and over time our certainty has definitely been clouded. What is love to you?




The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.” – Robert Kiyosaki

When your a little child, sometimes you gaze up into the sky and wish upon a star for something you believe will come true. Your parents and grand parents put little beliefs into your head about how if you see a shooting star you should make a wish. I think in another way our parents tried to prepare us for the tiny disappointments we would be facing on a daily basis. How many of us have stared in wonder into the vast skies and thought maybe if i closed my eyes and wished for it really believing in it… maybe i just might get it. Maybe… is never a certain word. Never has been and Never will be.

From the day we were given life we had to overcome disappointments in many forms. I can assure you by saying that school was probably the biggest and most life changing experience anyone of us had to go through. It is at that institution that we were actually thrown into a world with a whole new different species of children. School is where we got our initial look as to where we might end up one day. We were introduced to people. School moulded us into what we are right now. We believed we wanted to be doctors, teachers, ballerinas, business women or men…. a world of unthinkable possibilities. And school first introduced you to politics. One day your with one set of friends and the next day your not in their circle anymore. The foundation of friendship was built and broken there. You witnessed your best friends backstabbing you. If you werent considered one of the poshest or coolest people in school you were a loser. If you were a cool kid then your some rich little spoilt brat. It was safer than anything just to be invisible. But how many of us can really be invisible anymore. Even though we say that our schools were too large to know what was going on, if you slipped in anything… everyone knew..and did i forget to mention that most of us have had our hearts broken for the first time there?… ahhhhh school… the good old days…. brings back memories doesnt it?

And then without warning we are pushed into the outside world of bitter rivalry. The politics the backstabing the sucking up.. everything for some gain. When we do something correctly we believe in luck… and when things always go wrong we believe we are doomed by the grim reaper… Work is the place where you work your hardest, to be recognized, to be the best.. and when it all falls down on you, sometimes you just snap. In my belief i think that disappointment is inevitable. To overcome it we need to understand that no matter what happens the Sun will still rise and shine the next morning, and we need to start over as a new page in our books. Always remember to make the best out of what you have, eventhough you know you cant do much atleast always end the day with the feeling that you did the maximum you could. Like the saying goes.. when life gives you lemons, make some lemonade.

Most Evil men in the World


evil men

I started reading this book recently. It was about the most evil men in the world so far. I understand that this world is filled with hatred and agony and loathing, but it always amazes me the extent people go to just to do harm. You think sometimes if these people have absolutely no compassion in their hearts towards other human beings. They kill, they torture and yet they choose to ignore the pain and suffering people have to face. The book highlighted on some of the  most powerful yet dangerous men of all time. From what i have gathered, i came across two articles that show the worlds most evil men and women. It scares me to think that we live in a world of so much hate and despair. There are people who simply enjoy seeing others in pain and inflicting it on them. But sadism accounts for few, if any, large-scale evils. It accounts for many individual acts of cruelty.

We have to wonder why do they do such things? Is it the greed for power that drives them to the extent that they need to kill to control people? Or is it just a mere canibalistic need, to taste human flesh, to watch them shiver in fear and do their bidding? Like money, many who seek power will do anything, no matter how evil, to attain power. However, it is a relatively small number of people that seeks such power and commits evil in its pursuit.

But when you look at it, it all comes down to Victimhood, or more so people blame it on victimhood as that is a great solution and excuse to the actions they take. A lifelong study of good and evil has concluded that the greatest single cause of evil is people perceiving of themselves or their group as victims. Nazism arose from Germans’ sense of victimhood — as a result of the Treaty, that led to Germany’s loss in World War I and of a world Jewish conspiracy . Hitler believed, or chose a million and one stupid reasons to banish the jews and destroy their beings. He believed them to be the reason. He was also threatened by them. They were the talent, the genius ones that he couldnt understand. And as always, you condemn or destroy what you cannot fathom. Communism was predicated on workers regarding themselves as victims of the bourgeoisie. Much of Islamic evil today emanates from a belief that the Muslim world has been victimized by Christians and Jews. The muslim beliefs of those like the taliban is to rid the world of evil and clense it. But they started a revolution and a war. The women are restricted of their own rights, The children as well as the men. When the taliban seized Afganistan women werent allowed to work, husbands were taken into war, women had to beg on the streets for money. Education was restricted. Many prisoners, including those imprisoned for horrible crimes, regard themselves as victims of society or of their upbringing. The list of those attributing their evil acts to their being victims is as long as the list of evil doers.

Will it end??

5 ways to Tick your boss off


1. Always offer up problems! Not solutions

Oh I love doing this. Especially in a meeting in front of everyone else. Well most of the time its just feedback right? But I have realized that I have been the cause for many increased problems as I say “nope can’t do that coz of this”. Most supervisors don’t have enough problems of their own and relish the chance to take on yours. So think of it as that you are doing them a favour. J

2. Politely suggest he reduce the number of slides in his presentation.

Most bosses are under the impression that they know everything there is to know about what they are about to speak about.. little do they know that you are in utter boredom anticipating the minutes before he ends.

3. When given a deadline, don’t meet it.

In fact, it would work in your best interest to even deny the fact that you’d been given orders in the first place. If asked to do the project again, explain that you’re busy with other more important tasks and forget it once again.

4. Come into work late everyday.

Preferably at least 30-45 minutes past the expected time you’re supposed to be in your office chair. Make no apologies for your lateness, or simply brush off any comments from your boss, manager, and/or co-workers.

5. Clueless.

When you work in complete denial of your short-comings never consider how, what you do impacts others and fail to “think outside the box” when it comes to how your work gets done, you are clueless. That means taking into consideration any advice passed your way (whether you choose to use it or not).

Anyone of us have tried any of these? 🙂 i have

Ballet Shoes


ballet shoesSet in Thirties London, Ballet Shoes is a tale of orphans Pauline, Petrova and Posy Fossil, who are adopted by an eccentric explorer, Gum, and raised as sisters by his selfless niece. Pauline longs to be an actress, Petrova yearns to be an aviator, and Posy seems born to be a ballerina. But when Gum disappears, the money runs out – and the girls have a fight on their hands.

The movie started off quite well and I was actually quite interested in it because of Emma Watson because of her fame from Harry Potter. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think she’s a great actress.. Frankly I never thought she had any talent. It feels like she’s trying soo hard to have some fixed expressions on her face that it seems like she’s constipated. This movie was utter trash in my books. The story line was simply horrendous. The journey these girls take and the outcome at the end was disappointing. I believed that Petrova was the only Sister who had a heart. She was my favorite throughout the entire movie. The other two were selfish heartless girls who had absolutely no talent. It was stupid that a little girl would go up to the greatest ballet instructor and mind you give him attitude and make him watch her dance and then he would just ask her to join them. Righttt!!!!! All in all it was a stupid, dim-witted, dreadful, unbearable movie that made me yawn and wonder when it would end. wnbg4587z3

Books on my Shelf to read


I got a load of books that i have to read and i would love some recommendations from anyone willing to spare a few moments to help me out. 🙂

booksBarbara Taylor Bradford

Woman of Substance

Emmas Secret

Where you belong

To be the Best

Hold the Dream

Martina Cole

Good Night Lady


The Lady killer

The Know

Dangerous Lady

The Jump

The Graft


Two Women

Jackie Collins

Lethal Seduction

Dangerous Kiss

Deadly Embrace

Hollywood Divorces

John Grisham

The Last Juror

The Broker

Louise Bagshaw

The Devil you know


Silent Honor



I understand that this book is unbelievably old and my review is years late. But either way im gonna say what i have to say. I have read Ms. Steels books and what i can say is that she has captivated me throughout the years.

The book is about a very traditional Japanese family how they sent their only daughter to America to start her education and how her life changes from then on. The author has brought out the traditions and beliefs of the Japanese families very well. I applaud her for her extensive research on the subject.

Lets start with the aspects that i believed worked for this book. The Book was well researched before she wrote it. She definitely brought out the true horrific details of the cruelties aimed at Japanese people during the war. For that i applaud her. In terms of the story line, keeping aside the fact of the camps and the bitter journey the Tanaka family goes through, all i have to say is i believe the love story portrayed is truly unimaginative. Peter a man of substance falling in love with a girl in a matter of minutes was just a disappointment. The fact that Tad loved Hiroko from the very beginning and suddenly as soon as he knows sally likes him his all up to get married to Sally. The ending i thought was just an attempt to finish the book off quickly. Hiroko goes to Japan looking for her parents and mind you all this time its pretty obvious that all hope for her husband is over but suddenly he shows up. There’s no surprise in his face when he finds out that he has a son.. just a question or two.. i just felt throughout the latter stages of the book it turned out to be a big disappointment to me.

The Ice Cream Maker


Ice cream maker

“The better you treat your employees, the better they treat your customers”

Day by day we realize that the world is changing. From the day we stepped into the 21st century, the way we saw things, people, places, and businesses has changed. This book is a sole representative of just that fact. Mr. Chowdhury has brought in the most important aspect to many organizations today. “People”.

The book is a simple story of a man who tries more than anyone in his organization to bring back the momentum and quality, and in return save the jobs of his and thousand others. The element he focuses on is their customers.

Peter was a simple Plant manager at Dairy Cream. When sales was going down tremendously, he was given the ultimatum of getting it back into track soon or close down the entire plant. Realizing that the latter was not a good choice, especially for the fact that he would lose his job too, he took a different turn and got advice from one of his friends who always rejected his ice creams to be in their stores.

The book goes through the changes that peter implements through out the organization after countless sessions with his friend, who advices him that “Quality” and “Customer service” is everything when it comes to selling your products and keeping your customers happy. We see a great portrayal of how small companies with humble beginnings emerge amidst the overruling competition in the industry.

“Great companies are built on a thousand great ideas. To get the best ideas you have to ask your employees.”

It’s a great book on how Peter changed the entire thinking and the creativity of the organization just by doing the most key things most organizations lack. Listening to your employees and customers. He realized that he needed to get the best from his employees and for that he needed to keep them satisfied. In turn they managed to produce the best ice cream that their customers wanted and loved. I would recommend this book to any organization, because it will show you exactly what you need to change in your business.

“The real measure of performance is not how you do at your best, but how you do at your worse.”