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Adieu to the devils chambers 1


Firstly… im backkkkk 🙂 secondly after three years of being used and manipulated and just trashed, i made up my mind to give in my resignation. No i don’t have another job or an offer on the table but it pushed me to the limit where i just thought to myself… f**k it.. i don’t give a shit anymore its their own funeral. So this post is going to be about my long journey with my family at Lucifer’s humble abode.

Leaving this place is like leaving my very home because i will be leaving my family of 5 behind. Theres avocado (the one who believes the world revolves around him), Jujups (The only person i know who believes in taking her clothes off and running around our building as a stress reliever), Eclair (the person who believes shes as old as a hag even though shes not even close to it and is one of the hottest things to walk this earth), Fruit salad (the quiet one but is definitely a jumbled up fruit salad in every aspect of life) and last but not least theres hotdog (the joker in the entire team)

I love each and every one of them because they are different in their own ways and they have made me into who i am right now. Ill miss the long lunch breaks, our walks to crescat just to shop, tea at coffee stop during work hours, sad ass office parties in which we sneak out to white horse to get drunk, endless hours of stuffing our stomaches with every single thing we could get our hands on, bitching about every single person in office (specially the senior management) hotdog’s wild jokes, poker sessions, getting blasted by lucifer himself, Avocado walking into work with an entire can of axe sprayed on, eclairs attitude every time shes told to do a presentation, jujups wild fantasies that makes us all laugh for hours, fruit salad always playing barn buddy on facebook, hotdog always bitching about the head master, and worst of all i will miss my endless fights with avocado.

For the last three years i woke up every morning and came to work because of this dysfunctional family that gave me that extra energy to get through my days. They stood by me no matter what happened and they were the only living souls i could always trust. If i was to ever decide not to leave this hell hole its because of these guys who brighten my day with their stupid ass comments about everything.

I love you guys and i will never forget you and even though i am gonna be far away (probably begging on the streets coz ill be unemployed) dont forget to come my way and share your loaf of bread… or maybe a few thousand rupees perhaps :). I will miss you dearly