Liberty Lite


I thought I would be one person who actually wrote a review about the new cinema thats opened up in the liberty building. My brother was quite anxious to go and watch fast five, the new fast and the furious movie that opened up in Liberty Lite last Friday. To begin with their Facebook page gave absolutely no information regarding the seat capacity, features or the screen size. We assumed this was a tactic to keep us wondering. So my brother was quite adamant to go see the movie.

Let me begin with the fact that the parking for the cinema is all the way in the very corner of the other side of the actual liberty parking lot. When we reached the ticket counter we were told that the tickets will be purchased by them online as they didnt have the tickets yet so regardless of us coming there on time we had to pay the online price to watch it. Secondly the guy behind the counter writes our ticket numbers on a piece of scrap paper and signs it, so anyone who wants to forge their way through just take a paper and write the seat numbers and just scribble a signature.

When we walked in it was a tiny space. A claustrophobic person would have a few issues settling themselves there. The path way or aisle which you need to walk through to get to your seats is unbelievably tiny so a slightly larger person better hope to god your sitting right in the middle. At the beginning of the movie the food was crap. They had pop corn, minute maid and tipi tip. The food stall was bare and they hadn’t stocked up. When the movie began the screen was split in two and we were watching the movie in doubles which took them sometime to fix which was very annoying. The quality wasn’t that great but once the movie started that changed.

They had about 6 separate air conditions that were put on full blast in that small room so half the people were shivering and trying to warm themselves. When asked to reduce the A/C the boys just ignored and walked away. The intermission was an agonizing half an hour. I am not sure if they had an issue or if they were just incompetent but everyone kept turning around and staring at the control room waiting for the movie to begin again.

On the good side the movie was amazing, obviously and the story and everything about it definitely was worth it. The screen is much wider than the one you might find in savoy 2 and as its a new cinema you don’t get the constant piss smell all over. The seats were comfy and had cup holders and all but i wonder how long it will last that way. The list of upcoming movies were old like the adjustment bureau and rango which in my books aren’t worth paying the same amount for to watch, specially in a smaller screen.

The liberty lite facebook page is not one bit professional or informative. I would much rather you visit and check for information than their facebook page. They dont answer any questions and the person handling it has no idea how facebook works and never answers the question at hand. They also delete anyone who writes a review on the page to make it helpful for others. I would advice the team behind it to learn to be more professional and handle themselves better and be more mature about their actions. If they keep deleting everyone who says anything bad about the place they will never be able to increase on the number of fans. By the looks of the movies they are to bring they will have to shut down quite fast anyway.


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  1. Thanks for this….isn’t there some law against places like this? Or can we just rent a place and start a place like this?

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