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Since the day i remember back to… i used to read… and love it. When it came to reading i was the only child in my household that my parents didnt scream at. To this day my parents still scream at my brothers because of the lack of interest when it comes to reading. 🙂 Only time im regarded as important in my family. So anyway i understand i might not give a superb review as many people might do but im gonna try to do some justice ton these following books. When i was in  School i started reading the Princess trilogy. It was a heart wrenching book that just took my breath away. The books highlighted the life of Princess Sultana and her family. Book 1 showed how she dealt with childhood as a young girl hidden behind the veil. Thrown away from the affections of a father and hated by her only brother. Througho0ut the book the author portrays how the young girl grows into a woman right before our eyes and bears all the troubles on her shoulders. Her passion to help women and believe that all women should be given even the basic freedom to think and do anything freely is remarkable. Throughout the second book we see the authors light shinning on Sultanas two daughters. They bring about the “Daughters of Arabia” concept. Its sad to see that after all that Sultana has gone through, one of her daughters becomes an extremist, when it comes to their religion. Believes in everything that Sultana whole heartedly tries to diminish from the world. Book 3 is a true example about how tragic things can turn for people and however much we complain how lucky we are to live the way we do… the most heartbreaking and shocking chapter i read in it was when Sultanas brother Ali married off his 16 year old daughter to his friend who was around his mid 50’s. That wasnt even the worst thing. Reader of all three books will understand why because in Book 1 Ali and Muna rape a 8 year old girl together.. and the idea that after that Ali marries off his daughter to that vermin is just a shocker. I felt sad and just broken. It should never be like this. Life just shouldnt be like this.

This author is one of my very best. She knows exactly how to bring out the true atrocities well. Its true that real stories such as this have to come out from women such as Sultana and Jean Sasson. She made me realise that its not just about a book.. but life in general… we live in a cushioned life, curtained from all this but there are women who go through a lot more that we cant even imagine of….. and there are ways we can make a difference. I have come to love this author and respect her work immensely. She has opened my eyes to the possibility of the pain and Suffering women have gone through. I made it a point to own five of her books. All true stories about the tragedy of women hidden behind the veil and i would strongly encourage everyone out there to go to your nearest book store and purchase these books.

PrincessDaughters of ArabiaDesert Royallove in torn landMayada

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  1. i didnt know there were 5. i thought she stopped after princess.

    cant wait to read the other 4. will go looking for them tomorrow itself.

  2. i found princess to be an interesting bbook of the life of women and how they are like jail birds under nikaab. jean did a marvelous job.

  3. Hi, this is Jean Sasson. Thanks for your discussion of how you loved to read and the fact my books are dear to you. I hope you get to read them all! Please go to my website which is and you can sign up for my blog from there. I’d love to hear from you. Take care… Jean

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