Over priced talentless Salons in Colombo


It was another one of those days where I remembered that a friends wedding was looming closer, and yes it is actually tomorrow and i had a dilemma. For days i have been complaining about getting my eyebrows and all the girly stuff done but i never got some free time. Today i dashed to the only place that was close by and i could rely on (or so i thought). I went over to Ramani Salon at Cinnamon Grand and asked for the girl who usually does my eyebrows because i find that very important. And they give me the devastating news that shes quit. So i asked for another and she goes oh shes not here either and i was like “can someone bloody do my eyebrows”? since i was desperate i wasnt thinking too clearly and i just didnt bother asking who was available.

I understand to some of you this would be a petty and stupid topic but it just annoyed me a lot and i was in a constant bad mood because of this situation. A girl comes up to me and it was clear she was a trainee so i just followed her. Now this girl didnt even know how to use the thread or tweezers!!!!!!!!!!!!! and she took 5 FREAKING MINUTES to actually remove ONE HAIR!!!! i was losing my patience and when she was done i looked at her and i was like huh???????????????????? thats like how i walked in!!!!!!! you have done nothing and “she goes shall i do your upper lip too?” i was like HELL NO ill go somewhere else… and so i paid her Rs. 300 to actually not do ABSOLUTELY anything to me.

One of my friends was a bridesmaid at her cousins wedding and she came down from abroad for it. So she decided she needed a hair cut and went to Ramanis at Cinnamon. Half way through she was in shock at what he was doing to her hair and she started to cry and she was like “stop touching my hair” they pretty much ruined it and later all she said was “imagine going through all that and then having to pay them rs. 3000 bucks for it?????????????”

The quality at Ramanis is dropping so fast that Ramanis is going to close down pretty fast. The prices are outrageous, the employees have absolutely NO SKILL or talent. I mean shouldn’t they have some code where you just dont let some two bit trainee ruin the clients???? have they no regard for their reputation????

As far as i know DONT go there for anything. The lady in the next lane does a better job and is a lot cost effective too and atleast you feel good about your self. This is just rubbish. I was very disappointed and shocked today and worst of all ANGRY!!!


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  1. errrm “So some dark girl who cant speak english”? so her amateurism is portrayed through the colour of her skin or the fact that English is not her native language?

    Anyhoo…i suggest Jaal (stay away from this person called Chamali or Chameli) orrr…even Nayana…thye have guys who are like sooo careful and thorough.

  2. Why does everyone analyze the most minuscule unimportant things? Geeshhh… I just decribed a girl that’s it… It hardly was a sentence. Nothing racist about it. If I said she was a fair girl would I be racist? Either way the point was the Salon sucked.

  3. RF at Cinnamon Grand sucks to glory! Went there to get my self dressed for bro-in-laws wedding and they pretty much RUINED everything! Saree was draped so bad! and my hair was a nightmare! and their egos!!!!! She was whining all thru out my appointment that she hadn’t had lunch etc etc. Time management people!

  4. Um. I pluck my own eyebrows. Its really easy and it costs you only 2 minutes if you own a tweezer. Also saves you the pain of dealing with bad service.

  5. I got to HANA in thimbirigasyaya for my defuzzing. They may not be the height of the elite, but the do have this great greenish wax which does not need the strips, and waxes super fast… I even get my upperlip waxed now since it’s done in about 2 seconds instead of the wincing 5 minutes with thread.

  6. Forget about the racist remarks made by an angry client but the client has actually said a valid point about the Salon. Yes, we go to Ramanis as we want a high level of service and we can afford to pay for it. However, since recently for a simple hair cut they simply charge outrages amount which is not good. But have they actually checked up the quality of it?
    I was a loyal customer of Ramanis but I found a good alternative which provides a good service. It’s very cost-effective too.. I am sure there are many who has the same opinion. Ramani’s salon is just ripping off the customers.

    • I wish I read these comments before I visited Ramani Salons @ Cinnamon Grand on 30 May 2013. I booked for a Lanza conditioning treatment days before and when I got there only to find out that they don’t have the products available. I furious as I was leaving the following day and didn’t even have enough time to try some other place. They offered to do the Loreal instead advising me that its a good product too. The receptionist there doesn’t like her job, no smile in her face what so ever. I had no choice but do the Loreal treatment, the guy just did it for the sake of doing it, the blow-dry was just a waste of money and time. I was a loyal customer at Ramani Salons at Taj (Kamal’s) before I left the country 7 years ago and it’s sad that the quality of their service is now shit.
      I will never ever go there again. It’s become like Odel now, there is quantity no quality. Ridiculous pricing. No value for money,I hope Ramani see these comments.

  7. Chagall is good, but expensive. The problem at other Salons is that the employees is usually very arrogant and looks like they want to sleep rather. They couldn’t care less. The owners say that Staff is the biggest problem, you simple cant find people who wants to work…. It might very well be the only country on earth where things is like that…..

  8. It’s seems to be the problem here in SL
    I have been to many salons in India and they r so good and cheap it’s amazing….like a facial for 2hrs minimum with head neck and leg massage included…….here only a badly done facial and it costs the earth…….and even if u find a decent place, most of the good girls leave after sometime……and you have to find an alternative

  9. yes standards are sliping i have noticed too. I’ve always known ramani for charging money because she can and not very often people question. Wedding trial she decided to charge me (which is usually free) simply because i was getting married to a white guy. Thats a cheap shot. for the last 4 years ive notice no heat care products are been used before blow drying hair. i asked arent you going to use any heat treatments and the guy said Noooo. hmmm perhaps time to change hair dressers

  10. I am not surprised to read this about Ramani’s. I used Ramani for several years at Taj, Elibank Road and If I recall the WTC. Like many Salons, most of the original stylists have branched out on their own – Romany, Johann and others (who are all ex. Ramani F). What happens with most of the salons in Colombo is that they spend so much money on plush decor, and pick anyone who can hold a scissor and is “affordable” with the hopes of training them. The throw on a black based uniform and some make-up, hair color and a stylish cut and make the girl/boy stand there with the hope that this “far from experienced” individual will look professional enough for you to confidently leave your needs in their hands, whether it be a haircut, manicure,pedicure, etc.

    There are many times I have gone to a salon for a facial and the girl’s hands smell of curry. I know she has just had her lunch….ewwwwww. This has happened to me at some of the leading salons and I have simply walked out.

    Ramani’s staff sit there looking poised and arrogant – forget whether they have the knowledge, experience – they are working for “Ramani”…..wow….so they expect you take whatever they dish out and pay for it too, however exorbitant.

    There is a Salon that has opened in Col 5 – the women look like they have stepped out of a horror movie. For the clientele they expect to cater to – it is also expected that they speak some amount of English, however, they have NO clue what’s happening and they charge 3500 for a simple haircut. The owner has spent a ton of money on the exterior and interior but basically takes anyone and everyone to work in the Salon.

    Today, I am sure you ladies agree, what is needed is a comfortable atmosphere, “cleanliness/hygiene” but most importantly people who can ACTUALLY Do the job.

    I don’t pay to see how plush the place is, I don’t pay for the paintings on the wall or the water feature, or the plush leather sofas in the waiting area – I am paying to have a good job done. I am NOT paying for incapability or lack of knowledge or disinterest.

    • Bettans do bridals only. As a person who used their service I don’t quite understand the rave about them. Maybe my expectations are quite different from the rest. Bettans do a makeup called “high definition theater” for their brides, where the bride after the makeup looks like a caked up barbie with the lenses and unnatural looking fake lashes. I also noticed that most clients who have raved about their service are those with dark skin tone/no defined features (I’m not being disrespectful). I’m telling this because they whitewash the bride apply so much makeup to the extent that the groom fails to recognise the bride. The worst part is they would not be present at the hotel for touch ups after the photo shoot. Which I find unreasonable for the price they charge. And they do not offer you a trial before the wedding. So until your wedding day you have absolutely no clue how you would look like on the wedding day. And they do not dress the bridesmaids. So you have to arrange them to be dressed at a different salon. There’s noway you can make sure that your makeup and the bridesmaids makeup coordinate. If you prefer simple/elegant makeup this is certainly not the place for you.

      • sorry to say this,but I disagree with You,Bettans Bridals does a very good job,they don’t “Cake” the bride with make up,
        they do a trial,prior to the wedding,and if You need a simple Make Up they are capable of catering as per our needs,
        the Quality of the Make Up is really good,You can’t come to a conclusion just by seeing some pictures online or by seeing one or two brides dressed by them,4 brides from my family were dressed by bettans,and the staff is friendly too

  11. Hi there, I ran into your blog by chance since I was looking to find a good salon in SriLanka for a weDding I am attending next month in Mount Levinia.. I must say I was surprised about Ramani salon, what I want to ask you or anyone if you know a good salon? I am not from SriLanka and have no idea about beauty salons there.. I need to do hair and makeup. It doesn’t matter the budget if it is a good salon
    Thank you so much,

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