ACBT Freshers Night!


Last night I had the sad misfortune of attending the so called “glitter and glow” freshers night at ACBT. Now I know what goes on in everyones head the minute they see the initials ACBT and I don’t blame you. Its a sad pathetic excuse for an institution.

Now supposedly last night was a freshers/graduation party. It was held at Lavinia breeze and the tickets were priced at Rs. 1000 per person (god knows why any normal human being would pay that much to go there was beyond me)

So what did I see the minute i walked in? a sausage fest. there was about 200 guys and about 30 girls.. as always its not like I expected anything different. But the thing was it was organized so poorly that I pray to God that the people who did it dont ever get jobs as event managers.

Now the student council at ACBT prides themselves for their “coolness” one guy walks around with his shirt sleeves rolled up all the way to his shoulders and thinks his the coolest guy to walk the earth. They harp on about how its college life and how its the “coolest” (their words not mine) and the best thing to happen to any human being. The same guy who rolls his sleeves up keeps asking every girl for their facebook names (stalker alert)

So yeah back to the party. The music was horrendous.. just a lot of noise you cant dance to or listen to.. ofcourse it was all guys on the dance floor as they were all drunk and it didnt matter to them if they were dancing to nanda malini at that stage. So the theme glitter and glow 🙂 nothing glittered and everyone got a arm band that glowed.. now that my friends is pure creativity (notice the bloody sarcasm?)

So then the buffet was opened up and people hounded around it.. now for paying 1000 bucks you expect a bit of good food… atleast thats what you expect from Lavinia breeze. There was rice, noodles, chicken, fish and potatoes. OMG!  and the best part was the food ran out in 15 mins and they said no more food 🙂 so for majority of the people who paid Rs. 1000 and didnt get to even eat last night.. well thats what you get for going for a pathetic party that every former student who has been to one warned you in saying “DONT EVER GO”

So how does a night finish in these kinda sausage fests? One guy dashing a bottle and threatening some guy and a bunch jump in to stop it and some other random guy not wanting to be left out, breaks his glass too and another fight occurs… ahhh good old college days.. and this is what the student council is so proud of.

The night was an utter disaster and i kick my self every second for going for that shit and next time they need to get some creative people with better ideas to do a proper event. Its not rocket science. Its a stupid party for a bunch of kids. How hard is that?


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    • Well I just enrolled my daughter there. Now in two minds may be I will put het to ANC Without trying to save money on the degree. I rather save my child from a bunch of hooligans. I was at an Anc function and thought to my self wow the behavier of those kids are marvelous.they dress smart etc etc anyway I havent seen anyone that bad at ACBT CAMPUS but if Kingducky has been a victim so will my daughter.

  1. If it was that much unfortunate to be a part of it…..what the hell u was doing there????? And it is very easy to comment on other parties organized by other people while you do nothing……Can I know a single party organized by u and become that successful????? If you are ready to finance it, they would have done a better job than tht…….it s nt abt the creativity u Mr. its abt the financial capability they had…..They did something and at least there were 200 students………….you organize a single party and see whether u can do up to tht level…….first perform…then talk…..

    • Your probably just a kid still studying in that institute. I am a person who has worked all my life and events are what i excel in. So please dont make empty accusations. If you dont have the finances or if you dont have any way of getting it then dont put on a lame show and just save face and cancel it. No one held you at gun point to have a dumb party. People don’t care if you had money or not. The people who were present there know that it was the worst they have ever been to. By the way its Ms.

  2. Started reading ur blog today. I study in a state uni, where some ppl can’t afford even Rs 500 yet alone 1000 bucks (& this is 2014!). But, I can’t think of a single function that had been disastrous & we’ve never gone hungry for sure. We mostly had our functions in 3 star hotels. So I guess it’s more about how u manage finances & all.To begin with unlike the private institutes, we’ve loads of different sorts of people with various political allegiances & then there’re these rivalries & all. But, I am yet to see a quarrel broke out in a uni function. Sure, these guys take to streets & the ministry needs forces & tear gas to calm them, but they know how to uphold the reputation of the place they study otherwise. May be it all come to the fact, that these ppl have earned the chance to study not bought it. 🙂 & I’ve no clue as to what ACBT’s like. But I know ANC, APIIT & SLIIT host nice parties & their students seem to behave.

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