The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


My love for books will never cease. I make it quite clear with the ever increasing number in my bookshelf. Even though this review is old since i have kept putting it off, I finally decided I will try to do it some justice and finish it off. When you first read the first few chapters of the book, in no way shape or form are you prepared for what is to come. The book is actually based around two distinct characters although, they do highlight Lisbon Salander more because of her very disturbed past and very popular tattoo.

Lisbeth is one of a pair of sleuths. Her partner is Mikael Blomkvist, a journalist with Millennium magazine, in Stockholm, who is hired by an aging industrialist named Henrik Vanger  to investigate a vanishing. Forty years ago, his niece Harriet went missing from the island where he lives, during a meeting of the Vanger clan. Henrik believes that she was murdered, and he suspects every member of his scowling family.

He believes there is noway that Harriet could have left the Island the day she went missing and believes that one of his relatives did the deed. With this in mind his been hiring investigators and even unearthed the entire island looking for her. Mikael was requested to write Henriks autobiography and in the mean time also investigate on the murder. During this cross section Mikael bumps into Lisbon and they both begin the investigation together.

What you find out of is that theres a serial killer on the loose in the island and also that it has a lot of to do with a nazi who believes in killing jewish women. When I mean kill, I mean brutally raping and making them suffer. The story takes the reader around a very twisted world where it first begins with Lisbons very tragic and yet heart wrenchingly tragic rape which she gets back on her feet from and takes her revenge in a way that only reminds me of the movie “I spit on your grave”.

This book was one of the most interesting reads I have had in a long time. Even though it did remind me a bit of Agatha Cristie I believe it had that fabulous twist that no one expected. Its another harsh hit at us in terms of what animals the Nazis and their followers were. The brutal reality of what Jewish people had to go through and how politics plays a hand in everything.

I recommend this book to everyone because its such a fantastic read and everyone should definitely get their hands on it.


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  1. this was such an awesome read. It totally threw me for a curve with the graphic content… wasnt expecting it, but it was a marvelous read.Hope you kept up with the series and read the other 2 books too 🙂

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