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Why IIFA rocked in Style…


Most people have been writing so many negative things in terms of the IIFA awards, that has left many people confused. I think that it comes to that point that people just believe what they hear and read and no one really knows the true story.. Lets start from the beginning. Sri Lanka won the bid to be the host country not for any political reasons.. we won it because the IIFA body (Wizcraft) themselves believed that we were the best country for the year 2010.  Im sure many of you know we were the only host country to ever pull it off in two months.. and many people obviously believed this will crash and burn but funnily enough nothing of that sort happened. The event was a success in every way shape and form.

So how did it all start? Well i think firstly the team put together from every organization to handle this event was the best of the best. They worked tirelessly for the past two months, forgetting that essential necessity every human being needs “sleep” and made sure that it wont go in vain. Yes there were lots of people who laughed at the fact that there were calls for volunteers to help out and luxury vehicles needed for the stars. But the funniest part out of this all is that we ultimately had over 400 volunteers helping out and also each star had a luxury vehicle to drive them around.

So yeah Shahrukh didnt come.. but hey.. the last IIFA awards he participated for was 5 years ago in Yorkshire.. and because he didnt turn up in Sri Lanka people are screaming bloody murder.. I mean can you blame the guy? The last time he came here he was pretty much blown into pieces, and we talk shit about him not coming down this year.

The way Sugathadasa was transformed for the awards itself was just breathtaking that i dont even have words to describe it.. The stage, set up and lighting was out of this world and theres noway any of this could be possible if it wasn’t for the team involved. The tireless dedication and the hard work itself was the reason for the tremendous success along with the business and hotel community helping out in every way possible.

Yes the MOU was leaked to the papers with a whole lot more but non of that can dampen the spirits of the people involved. The fashion show was just out of this world and so was the final awards. For everyone who wants to watch it on tv, it will be tele casted on Star and Rupavahini on the 4th of July and trust me when i tell you this.. the sets were just amazing and so was the show.

So a small word to everyone who has a lot to say about it.. there were people who still paid $10,000 for tickets just to watch the show and when you watch it on tv you will understand why they did that.

For the people who said no stars arrived and i could have sworn one of our very own had said saif ali khan didnt arrive.. well get your facts straight mister coz he was one of the A list stars that performed for the awards. So yeah we are gonna hear a month or so more of people ranting and raving about IIFA being a waste and a loss… but then again what else are we Sri Lankans good at other than pointing our fingers at others and complaining?