Change…. is inevitable we either adapt to it.. or we get left behind. Life is all about change. What we believed in when we were young to what we believe in now. We mature when we grow and we grow up when we get hurt. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. Life takes us through those small little twists and turns, and pushes us from the highest points of the mountains. It all depends on how we get up from the fall and how we proceed afterwards. Do we break down and fall apart or do we tell ourselves a new day will dawn tomorrow. A new everything which would mean a new ME.

Sometimes when it comes to our friends, our loved ones we take things for granted. We believe or tend to believe that no matter what we do or say, things will always remain the same. Something we all forget is that there are many things in life that we say that we can NEVER take back. They will haunt us forever as well as hurt the person who we say it to.

Most of the times we try to tell our selves that love is just not worth the pain, the heartbreak, the sharing, always watching your step with each other. Making sure you dont hurt the other one. But most of the time…. love is EVERYTHING. It takes your breath away to the extent that you have never felt such hapiness. Love teaches you many things. But most importantly it teaches you what the feeling is like to make someone else happy for a change. So what do we learn? Sometimes change is good. We either adapt to it. Or we get left behind…………………


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