Z Nation – Review



IMDB Rating – 4.9

Release Date – 12th Sep 2014

Network – Syfy

It has been ages since I have written a post & I am just getting back into it so bear with me. For some reason I have an addiction to TV shows & yes I watch them all. I don’t think there is a show that you can name that I haven’t & if you could that would be wonderful because I would have more to watch. The Syfy channels latest addition to entertain us this month was the release of their very own Zombie apocalyptic series Z Nation. *spoiler alert ahead*

The online review of the anticipated show before its release was big because everyone kept comparing it to The Walking Dead. Let me tell you something, after watching just one episode of this show I can tell you its far from being a hit like The Walking dead was. From the very first episode of Walking Dead I was hooked. You couldn’t wait till the next episode/season was released. The storyline was great & they had some solid actors like Sarah Wayne Callies who we all loved from Prison break, Andrew Lincoln, Scott Wilson etc.

Z Nation starts off three years after the zombie virus has ravaged the country, a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab waits for his blood. Those two lines itself should tell you your in for a bad bad bad story. The zombies are the same (atleast that we get right in hollywood” but the rest….. The story is loosely based around one last surviving military personnel trying to escort the only lone survivor who mind you was a prison experiment who ended up surviving when everyone else was killed. Harold Perrineau from “lost” fame is the only officer who mind you gets eaten by a baby zombie in the very first episode & dies (because about 8 people open fire on them like they were giving out free ammo at the fair). Yes they have babies who look perfectly fine & then turn a dark shade & looks like a little possessed demon.


Then we have in some far off Alaskan base some skinny little sergeant who calls himself, get this Citizen Z played by DJ Qualls you may know him from Supernatural as the dorky hunter Garth. I was confused as to what he was because the first premier episode ends with him putting on a pair of sun glasses and starts talking into the radio like some zombie apocalypse DJ.

The story line is pretty basic. B grade actors who make the whole story look quite mediocre run around shooting zombies till one by one they all get killed. I removed it from my must see list because it was so not worth the time.

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead or good television, this is not for you!


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