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Over priced talentless Salons in Colombo


It was another one of those days where I remembered that a friends wedding was looming closer, and yes it is actually tomorrow and i had a dilemma. For days i have been complaining about getting my eyebrows and all the girly stuff done but i never got some free time. Today i dashed to the only place that was close by and i could rely on (or so i thought). I went over to Ramani Salon at Cinnamon Grand and asked for the girl who usually does my eyebrows because i find that very important. And they give me the devastating news that shes quit. So i asked for another and she goes oh shes not here either and i was like “can someone bloody do my eyebrows”? since i was desperate i wasnt thinking too clearly and i just didnt bother asking who was available.

I understand to some of you this would be a petty and stupid topic but it just annoyed me a lot and i was in a constant bad mood because of this situation. A girl comes up to me and it was clear she was a trainee so i just followed her. Now this girl didnt even know how to use the thread or tweezers!!!!!!!!!!!!! and she took 5 FREAKING MINUTES to actually remove ONE HAIR!!!! i was losing my patience and when she was done i looked at her and i was like huh???????????????????? thats like how i walked in!!!!!!! you have done nothing and “she goes shall i do your upper lip too?” i was like HELL NO ill go somewhere else… and so i paid her Rs. 300 to actually not do ABSOLUTELY anything to me.

One of my friends was a bridesmaid at her cousins wedding and she came down from abroad for it. So she decided she needed a hair cut and went to Ramanis at Cinnamon. Half way through she was in shock at what he was doing to her hair and she started to cry and she was like “stop touching my hair” they pretty much ruined it and later all she said was “imagine going through all that and then having to pay them rs. 3000 bucks for it?????????????”

The quality at Ramanis is dropping so fast that Ramanis is going to close down pretty fast. The prices are outrageous, the employees have absolutely NO SKILL or talent. I mean shouldn’t they have some code where you just dont let some two bit trainee ruin the clients???? have they no regard for their reputation????

As far as i know DONT go there for anything. The lady in the next lane does a better job and is a lot cost effective too and atleast you feel good about your self. This is just rubbish. I was very disappointed and shocked today and worst of all ANGRY!!!