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Best Global Warming Ad


Being a huge animal lover and a huge fan of global warming documentaries, one of my friends sent me this clip. It shocked me when i watched it. Probably one of the best ads i have ever seen in my life. 😦





Regret is like a cancer, it keeps growing within you till you’re in agony with pain and at the end, if you don’t get rid of it, it just kills you. Sometimes you get a little bit of hope when u remove it and you feel that it wont grow back, but most of the time, like a bad penny, it keeps coming back to haunt you.

When I think back at some of the things that I wish I didn’t do, I spend hours pondering on the fact that if I did something differently way back then, what would the outcome be? Will any of it be different? The one thing we all forget, no matter what, is that everything does happen for a reason and end of the day, it helps us to learn a certain lesson we need, to grow up.

Unconditional Love – Part 2



Parents…. Oh how we love to blame them for everything that we have gone through and everything we go through. Sometimes when we talk to our friends and we discuss about things our parents didn’t let us do, we realize that they all think alike. I always used to tell everyone that all our parents went to the same parenting school. That’s why they the very same things like “As long as you’re under my roof you’ll do as I say”

Most of the times we hate our parents for what they make us do. We blame them for our problems because it’s the easy way out. I once had a friend who I used to work with and she used to always scream out to the entire office “Don’t blame me, my parents are messed up and that’s why I’m like this”

I, myself am not an independent person. My parents do everything for me. For me life is all about comfort…. from the day I was small my parents did everything. No, they didn’t have a whole load of money but they did try their level best to never say no to me when I always asked for something I wanted. In a few weeks my parents will be leaving me and my brother for good and migrating with my little brother. Circumstances are such that we do not have the chance to go with them. So truthfully speaking, after they leave my life will actually truly begin. The responsibilities and to take care of myself will be something new to me that I will have to learn everything from scratch.

It never fails to amaze me sometimes that I can’t seem to save my monthly salary to take care of myself and our parents happen to feed all of us with what they get and they manage to save. They truly are miracles, or I guess its all about understanding the realities of life and what its like to have a hard life. Sometimes even though we find life to be harsh, it’s amazing how our parents try to shield us from all the agony and suffering in this world. Their love is unconditional and we always fail to see that we are the reason they go through everythng in life. Bad or Worse. Their whole life is based on giving us the best……. and how much do we do for them in return?

Animal Cruelty



Someone once told me that everything happens for a reason and to this day I truly believed that. The past few days have taken a bit of a turn in my life in terms of what I have witnessed. I am one of those unlucky few who seem to have a knack of always encountering a dog on the street suffering after an accident. I came across this article on the web and it made me sick to my stomach. It’s all about rich popular people getting away with what they want. Being an ardent dog lover, I find it heartbreaking if I see them suffering.

I know for a fact that there are people who have gone through the same thing I see everyday. Just watching those innocent animals suffer is the worst thing in the world. One of my friends was nice enough to talk to me and tell me that maybe we should start a campaign for dog sterilization. So at the moment I’m all hyped up to for this new venture. Getting back to the article I mentioned before, it was about a famous pro football quarter back Michael Vick who was recently arrested on the charges of having dog fights.

Michael Vick and three other men were arrested on charges related to their alleged operation of a dog fighting ring based at a property Vick owns in southeastern Virginia. Vick was highly involved in the operation, alleging that he attended fights and paid off bets when his dogs lost. He was also involved in the executions of dogs that did not perform well. Officers reportedly found equipment associated with dog fighting, blood stains on the walls of a room and a bloodstained carpet stashed on the property. They reportedly removed more than 60 dogs from the property. Sources have said he’s been involved in dog fighting for more than 30 years. He has trained and fought — by his estimation — about 2,000 pit bulls.

When I read about this story I was truly appalled at the fact that people could be so heartless and watch poor animals suffer just for their entertainment. I understand that pit bulls are known as some of the most violent and vicious creatures, but they have the right to be treated properly. In my honest opinion I think that this person should end up in jail for a very long time but then again he will probably come back, have a great season of foot ball and everyone will forget about his charges after that… that’s the reality of this world…..

Afghan Wife Starving Law



I know that most of us women always seem to think that we are ill-treated and we have it rough in life. We always complain about money and clothes and food, but one thing for certain when it comes to our laws as of yet we haven’t had anything harsh dictated towards us.

From the time I was in school I took an interest to the ways in which the Afgan laws were dealt with. The Taliban regime as well as Osama Bin laden were some of my most talked about topics. I truly believe even to this day that we women have it easy compared to even in the Middle East. We have always been given the right to choose as well as be educated. Women in Afghanistan as well as many other countries are deprived of their basic needs such as food. During the Taliban regime we saw an immense amount of rules that made sure women had to beg on the streets to feed their children.

So it came to the point that the Taliban’s grip on the country was gradually decreasing. Even though women weren’t given the rights they deserve, the governance on the country is not as harsh as it once was.  Today I came across an article in the BBC about President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and how he is allowing a bill pass for Men to starve their wives, if they refuse them sex.

I have seen and heard and read horrible stories of these kinds of events, but never about a president agreeing to such a scandalous act. It’s horrendous to even think that women are treated so terribly with absolutely no respect. A bill such as this screams out human rights. This is a country in which woman must get her husband’s permission to work; and fathers and grandfathers are given exclusive custody of children.

Among the law’s provisions are those

• Wives are obliged to have sexual relations with their husbands at least once every four days

• Women cannot leave home without their husband’s permission

Critics say the law limits the rights of women from the Shia minority and authorizes rape within marriage.

We come to a point in which we realize how cruel the world works sometimes and how unfair it is. We still are in a time in which female circumcision takes place and our daughters getting raped and harassed. Life is definitely not a straight road to walk on but a road that twists and turns in all directions and once in a while takes us through some turns we just can’t seem to get out of. It’s horrible to see women like this suffer and we can only hope that things will change in the future. People should stand up for such inhumane acts such as this. This is a direct violation of all human rights.

Marriageable age limit to come down in Sri Lanka



This country is going to the dogs aint it? The rules being imposed these days from our governement has been fantastic. As me and the people in my office are very good at finding interesting articles to laugh about, we came across this article in the Daily Mirror. “The Government is to bring amendments to the existing marriage laws by reducing the marriageable age to 16 years from the existing 18, Additional Solicitor General, Palitha Fernando said”

If someone can explain to me why our hare brained governement is planning to make this final i would very much appreciate it. What happened to the freedom education? What are we turning into the middle east countries? whats next? women have to cover themselves from head to toe? What about goin to school and getting a proper education for your self. By doing this you are just taking away the entire life for your daughter.

This is definitely a country thats moving backwards. I mean lets think about it a little bit here, are we going back to the stone ages in which we pretty much had nothing to do but get married to each other? If porn sites are banned then why the hell are they allowing the marriage limit to keep getting lower? To tell our youngsters “Dont watch sex but get married early and experience it” ??? is that the message we are trying to send out?

Sometimes we make so many mistakes when we are young. We believe that our school sweethearts are the one for us to live with for the rest of our lives. With rules like this, we are just helping kids to make mistake and get married and then wonder “why?” for the rest of their lives.

Blunder Queens – Mobitel and BCCSL


So I got myself to leave work early yesterday just so that I could go watch the T20 match for the first time in my life. I am definitely not a big fan of cricket, but I find the short ones quite interesting. Most of my friends were very adamant about wanting to go watch it and so was my brother. So I honestly had no other option than to tag along. So my brother booked tickets for us ages ago as he is an ardent fan of this damn sport. Me

The shocking news was when we got there, they told us they wouldn’t let us in because the entire stadium was booked solid. Now don’t get me wrong, we all had our own tickets, and they were genuine so we were very confused as to why we were standing outside and somebody else was inside.

It doesn’t even get better than that. The police were there with their batons, taking out all their frustration out on the people who was waiting to get inside. All we wanted to do was just go in and watch the god for saken match and we had to stay here and get beaten up by the cops. We were informed that there were VVIP inside, who were obviously given our seats by the sponsors (Mobitel) since their faces were up the governments ass and they needed to make sure it stayed there.

The maximum capacity the stadium could hold was 35,000 people and they had overbooked the place. What I don’t understand is that, if a customer is going to pay for his seat then what right does anyone have to resell his ticket? If it was a black market thing I do get it, but it was pretty obvious that Mobitel and BCCSL had their own agenda as to whom they wanted to invite and they didn’t care much about the actual people who paid for their tickets. The entire match was so disorganized and it was a horrible experience. We were only sent in When Sri Lanka started playing, and we all know that didn’t last long. All in all it was juts a waste of time and effort, and I think most of the people who were standing with us would agree and we hope that the sponsors would take some initiative to make sure that this is not repeated again.

When Tragedy strikes



Have you ever wondered why sometimes theres a different to the love we feel for any human compared to an animal? I have noticed that when we see a stranger dead, say on the road or even somewhere or even crying out for help.. it doesnt really hit us does it? But if we see a dog lying in the middle of the road, silently, with blood all over him.. doesnt it strike the very chords of our hearts? When i see a dog even limping, i blame god for it. I am saddened by the pain the creature goes through and yet he hardly worries anyone about it.

And if it was a human being in the same circumstance. I know for a fact that i wont feel the same sympathy i did. I might come out as an extremely cruel person, or even heartless, but i knwo for a fact that it is the same way most people feel. But why is that? Is it coz we feel that no matter what, people can do and ask and get anything they want? and an animal cannot express his feelings or even ask to fulfill his simplest needs?

My father always asks me.. “if u were told that your dad was in hospital.. would you care as much as princess (my dog) being in pain?” and i had nothing to do but give him a truthful answer. No i wouldnt. Princess comes first for me more than any other person or creature in my life. Lots of people say im stupid and i have no clue as to what im saying. But im being honest. She is my pride, my joy and my life.

How much does it take for a human being to get down from their vehicles and help an innocent animal in pain? two minutes of their lives? and yet,… why do we hesitate in doing so? What excuses do we make to ourselves to get away from it? That we are scared of animals? They are as scared of us as we are of them.. and they would only hurt us if they have the slightest indication that we would hurt them first.

So my whole point is… next time we see a dog suffering in the middle of the road would we get down and help him out? or would we just choose to walk away?




Change…. is inevitable we either adapt to it.. or we get left behind. Life is all about change. What we believed in when we were young to what we believe in now. We mature when we grow and we grow up when we get hurt. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. Life takes us through those small little twists and turns, and pushes us from the highest points of the mountains. It all depends on how we get up from the fall and how we proceed afterwards. Do we break down and fall apart or do we tell ourselves a new day will dawn tomorrow. A new everything which would mean a new ME.

Sometimes when it comes to our friends, our loved ones we take things for granted. We believe or tend to believe that no matter what we do or say, things will always remain the same. Something we all forget is that there are many things in life that we say that we can NEVER take back. They will haunt us forever as well as hurt the person who we say it to.

Most of the times we try to tell our selves that love is just not worth the pain, the heartbreak, the sharing, always watching your step with each other. Making sure you dont hurt the other one. But most of the time…. love is EVERYTHING. It takes your breath away to the extent that you have never felt such hapiness. Love teaches you many things. But most importantly it teaches you what the feeling is like to make someone else happy for a change. So what do we learn? Sometimes change is good. We either adapt to it. Or we get left behind…………………

Summer Sisters – Judy Blume


summer sistersIn Summer Sisters, her third novel for adults, the author again explores the ramifications of love–and lust–on two friends. Initially, the differences between Caitlin Somers and Victoria Leonard (or “Vix,” as Caitlin christens her) draw them together: privileged Caitlin is wild and outspoken, beautiful but emotionally fragile, while working-class Vix is shy, reserved, and plain in comparison. After Caitlin selects Vix to accompany her to her father’s home in Martha’s Vineyard for the summer, the two become inextricably connected as “summer sisters.”

On the Vineyard, Vix and Caitlin first find love, then sex–and lots of it. Yet Blume soon moves beyond hot fun in the summer sun, tracing the romantic and familial travails of the two from pre-adolescence to adulthood. Solid Vix evolves into Victoria, an equally solid, Harvard-educated, Manhattan public-relations exec. Unpredictable Caitlin opts out of college and travels to Europe, where she has a string of short-lived affairs with a series of intriguing (in every sense of the word) foreigners. It is only after she returns to the Vineyard that Caitlin does the unthinkable, forever changing both her friendship with Vix and their lives. Blume once again proves herself a master of the female psyche, and Summer Sisters is likely to entertain both her postadolescent and more mature readers.

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When i first came across this book i was quite skeptical, but yet i took a plunge and read it… It started off quite well… the book was about the relationship of two girls.. one a level headed smart girl and the other.. a slut.. Its a great story in which the author shows us exactly how these two girls… worlds apart in personality, become best friends… or as they call it.. summer sisters.

In my honest opinion i thought the book was a great relaxing read, but yet it lacked and missed a lot of information on some parts that i can only imagine that the author didnt have much to say so she made it more of a mystery. So there we have in one instance this girl Caitlin who travels the world over sleeping with men like she changed her clothes. When all of a sudden they say two of her friends die and she comes back and wants a life of peace. That part confused men tremendously. So the readers are left confused. We dont know how thw friends died. We are not told of her relationship with them for her to be sooo devastated and a person who didnt care about cheating on her best friend, leaving her husband and daughter and running off to another country was hurt coz of this?????????? well im sorry to say to all you Judy blume fans but that was just soo not thought of by the author.