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They summon me to the courtyard

with their harsh tones and judging eyes

i wonder what would befall us

as i look into my babies smile

I walk onto the laden stage

tightening my grasp around the bundle

sleeping on my bosom

I see their stares,

their spiteful smiles

their pointing fingers and

gleaming eyes.

George are you there?

Are you going to let us die?

My eyes wander the crowd

and a tear sparkles in my eye.

I see you george

Staring right at me

Hiding within the crowd.

Do you not care?

Why do you not dare

to tell them that he is your son?

The minister screams my sins..

But aren’t you to blame too George?

Is it right for them to judge me

Is it right for them to kill me?

with the babe in my arms?

I see them pick out their stones

Is this how it all ends?

I remember the days that i spent with you

the happiness we brought to one another

and then i see you…..

bending down to choose your stone

with tears in your eyes

and i know immediately

that you will be the first person

to strike me as you have

abandoned us.

I close my eyes and wait for the darkness

hoping the gods will spare my child

for then i become….

the fallen.


Great Advertisements


I used to work in Advertising ages ago and i had an immense collection of advertisements. Sad to say i lost the whole load but i did come across some great ads. Hope non of you have seen any of these i hope you guys enjoy them. 🙂

Discovery Channel


Shera Cieling Board Commercial


Enjoy 🙂

Paris Hilton – My New BFF



When we all think of the name Paris Hilton we think of a Blond skinny girl who goes beyond her ways to prove to all of us how dumb she is. I mean could you blame anyone? This is the girl who registered “Thats hot” as her slogan. She is an American socialite, media personality, model, singer and actress. She is known for her appearance in a sex tape in 2004, her appearance on the television series The Simple Life, her several minor film roles (most notably her role in the horror film House of Wax in 2005), her 2004 tongue-in-cheek autobiography, her 2006 album Paris, and her work in modeling. As a result of several legal incidents, Hilton also served a widely publicized sentence in a Los Angeles County jail in 2007.

Does anybody wonder why she tries so hard to be in the lime light? She constantly needs to prove to everyone that she is there and she is still making headlines, be it with a sex tape or a DUI charge or even constant break ups with her so called lovers, who by the way leaked her sex tape to the media. So right now we have a girl who is Filthy rich, obviously has intelligent parents since they do control the Hilton chain, but definitely side tracked by their own drama in their lives that they dont notice their own two daughters slutting themselves around while getting married to complete strangers.

Paris recently has turned down a few movie deals just for the fact that every character she was to play in them were airhead blonds. Can you blame the director? Who would give her something else to act other than for an AIRHEAD? When Paris Hilton was asked in a recent interview what advice she’d give to Susan Boyle of Britain’s got Talent about dealing with the paparazzi and her new found fame, she managed to give some suggestions.

Says Paris:

“I think Susan has an amazing voice, but she needs to work on the pose. I think she should come up with something new… since she’s such a huge celebrity now… I suggest getting a stylist. She could look really hot if she just wore some pretty dresses.”

Does she seriously think that thats great advice for Susan? I would love to see what simon has to say about Paris’s comments once in a while. Her latest show my new BFF is such a joke? i mean does she talk like that in reality? does she? Does she expect to be taken seriously after talking and sounding like that? i watched just one episode and i realized that its such a waste of time. Its about a bunch of girls dying to be her new Best Friend. Its obvious that money is the only reason they would want to be her friend coz paris definitely treats them well. One girl got a Pink diamond ring for being Paris’s pet. ahhh if life was that easy. LOL.

End of the day the confusion lies for me in is why does this girl try so hard. And it just makes sense. If We didnt see Paris doing all this to just get attention then we will just forget her and she would be a nobody. The usual Paris is a boring Topic. The stupid blong one is what keeps us all going and laughing at the fact that can this girl be this stupid? Ill leave you to ponder about it with her own quotes. 🙂

Quote of the day from Paris:

“A lot of the things I say I’m just trying to be funny…I don’t really mean everything I say, because I’m not totally that airhead.”

Great book giveaways



I love books. Since i am new to this whole writing thing i haven’t seemed to have the time to sit and go through most of my fellow bloggers blogs 🙂 If that makes any sense what so ever. Today for some reason, i dont kno how but i found the time to wander around the entire blog sphere. There’s still so many sites i just want to check out but its gonna take me ages. For all you book lovers out there,who are just oblivious of the fact that there are some great book giveaway’s out there.. i thought ill add in all the links of some great sites that have all kinds of book giveaways. Hope some of you guys like it. – She has a tough competition going on and its great if everyone can try out 🙂 – Fantastic site. Check out the current give aways section on your left hand side. That will pretty much open lots of doors for you to a whole heap of sites. – I think the name says it all in this link. It has a dedicated post just for a number of great competitions. So check it out as well. While your at it check their reviews on some great books out there. – Huge list of great competitons. I think i need to join them too 🙂 – This ones hilarious… but great. The author has shared some great links for everyone to go through. Hope this helps all of you book lovers to get atleast one book 🙂

The Girl in the green scarf



I just finished watching confessions of a shopaholic. For most of you this might be old news but for me it was a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t one of those regular chick flicks that we all watch and laugh a bit about and then role our eyes when it comes up in conversation. This is one of those movies that most people can relate to, and I am not just talking about young girls.. I am talking about women of all ages and this goes for all you men as well..

Rebecca Bloomwood is just like most of us. How many of us can walk past a store and not look in? smell the fabric and always visualize your self wearing those great shoes? I myself am a shopaholic. I have been in credit card debt for months. I have the tendency to walk into a store and buy just about 3 items and max out my card without even caring. When i watched confessions of a shopaholic it just hit something deep within me. I believe we could all relate to rebecca. Most of us who refuse to are in denial.

I myself am a shoe fanatic. Every time rebecca walked down the street with a new pair of heels my heart skipped a beat. I loved everything she wore. I just wanted to jump out of my bed and grab my credit card and dash into the nearest store and buy myself something. Didnt care what. Something.

The irony comes into play in the movie when she joins a reputed financial magazine as a journalist and tries to help the readers on their money issues. She turns out to be the person who helps everyone else out, but herself. Life does work in mysterious ways doesn’t it?

The best thing is when she was selling off her clothes i just wanted to be there. all those shoes…. but then i just had to slap myself back into reality and realize that i am still in debt. I am currently paying off my credit card bills and by next month I am Scot free…. just the thought of that invigorates me.

I think the movie is a great piece of work and i believe that everyone, young and old alike can relate to it. The girl in the green scarf is definitely someone you can learn from. I definitely did.

The Jigsaw…… Complete……



This is my first ever attempt at writing a poem.. and im a big time amateur… hope you guys like it…

I stay awake late at night
Staring into the cloudless skies
A star twinkles bright with its light
And reminds me of the sparkle in your eyes.

There are so many words I cannot say,
Of the love that you have shown me
I want to be able to tell you one day,
but I’m left speechless, hidden within me.

You bring out the best in me
And I bring out the worst in you
You are one half a heart, while I am the other
And together we complete each other.

You are my missing piece
The one who makes me whole
I love you madly this I know,
I feel it in my soul.

I love you…….

MidNight Blues


I havent been able to write about anything all these days because i have been so stressed out with my exams coming up. I havent been able to think of one single thing except for the impending doom thats about to visit me this Friday. Last night i managed to half finish my work (as you can see completing something fully was never my forte) and get some good rest. No matter how much i tried i just found it impossible to sleep. So i stayed up staring into my ceiling and just catching onto the little little memories that were flashing before my eyes.

I thought back to my good old days in school. When you really look at it how many of us can honestly say we are still in touch with our school mates? how many of us can say we actually liked them? 🙂 When i was in school.. i had a set of friends.. we were different thats all i can say. I obviously didnt like much of the people who were in my group of friends but i always had that attitude that i just didnt give a crap sometimes. The others in class always chose to call us the “posh ones” or the ones “who had it all” i never really understood who makes these distictions between people and like i said i just didnt care.

To this day my set of 5 friends dont know what went wrong with our class. We were then 5 people separated from the other 35. I dont remember anyone of us ever doing anything to any one of them. We were very friendly towards them but, i guess it was mine and a few others dont care attitude that got us kicked from the club. Frankly i dont care. I still try to fathom why my friend sarita is so worried about the fact that they dont invite her but i just dont care.

Im a strong believer that the friends you make in school last forever because you spend a good 13 years with them but im also a believer that shit happens and you need to grow up. It makes me laugh to think that most people in school thought that i would turn out to be the wasted bad penny, but its funny to see that everyone else who judged me turned out to be it and not me. The place i am in right now is great. I have a great bunch of friends and loved ones. If i meet them ofcourse i would say hello. If they want to judge me then its fine by me, it makes no difference. I always thought they were losers and i guess i will always keep on thinking they are losers. But the difference between us is that i never voiced it to them or made them feel it. I believe they made me into who i am right now and i am very happy about it.

Last night while i was wandering around, i came across this one piece of music that just calmed me down. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in music.

This clip for some reason hits a spot in me which Jon Schmidt has always had the capability of doing. That brings out the greatness in his talent. Its called Love story meet Viva La vida (Taylor Swift and Coldplay)

Enjoy it. This is a great song that just brings all the emotions in me and makes me realize that im such a lucky person to somehow in someway always get what i want in life. This song is dedicated for you shashike and to all you guys from the C class.

Books worth the Time



If there’s one thing that i believe is NOT a waste of time.. its READING. I used to try and give it a shot to write way back then.. but i never seemed to have the patience… but reading is just something that calms me.. people who know me find it quite hard to believe that i would sit in a corner and be quiet for more than a few minutes since im usually a very loud person.. but thats just how i am… I know most of these books mentioned below wont be what everyone is looking to see but depending on which one i remember im gonna add it in.. anyone is free to make recommendations and ill be glad to add in.

Unforgettable books

Princess Trilogy
Thorn Birds
Gone with the Wind
Kite Runner
Memoirs of Geisha
Jemima J
Pride & Prejudice
Schindler’s List
Not Without my Daughter
Da Vinci Code
Angels & Demons
God of Small Things
The Osama Bin Laden I know
Wuthering Heights
The Scarlet Letter
To kill a Mocking Bird
Girl Next Door
Harry Potter 🙂
Anna Karenina

Theres soo much more but i just cant seem to remember any at this moment..