Most people might disagree but i believe that everyone has someone out there for them.. their soulmate. We all go through some hard times during most of our lives.. i guess unless your rich and you have everything, your just not happy with how things work out or have worked out so far for you… I have always had that feeling sometimes when i wake up to a great day.. everything just goes soo perfectly and you keep thinking when will it end when will it end.. you wait for that bubble to burst at some point and you worry about it soo much and you never realize you just dont enjoy that moment for your self, but you choose to still worry about what “could” go wrong. Its only human.. thats what i tell myself everytime i think of the worst that could happen.

Im beginning to teach myself to be positive more often. My positive streak started when i met “him”.. as i mentioned in one of my before posts… he helped me out a lot through it all… I would love to believe his my soul mate and just not have a care in the world and be blissfully happy about it… but again, im only human so im just waiting for the sky to fall on top of my head..

When i met him i was naive… superficial… playful.. it was one of those days that i chose to just take a walk around the place i work.. what struck me about him the most was his ability to give you that menacing stare like he judged you… where you just feel naked and vulnerable. His silence got to me.. he was friendly.. but reserved.. i was soo enticed by him.. When we first met he brought out an image of a cold, unfriendly person… but when i started getting close to him it made me shudder to think that i even thought he was capable of being a cruel person.

He has the most kindest and generous heart i have ever seen any human being to have. The care and love he shows towards me takes my breath away. His the type who would even stay till the next day morning just so that he can take me home, always thinks about my health, brings me food from whereever if i just ask him, always thinks of me, loves me.. probably not as much as i love him but he does..

When i go through some rough times and have issues i just cant handle, it always warms my heart to know that his there with his arms wide open to take me in and sooth me with a calming hug so that i would be happy again.. his love for me is unconditional.. always making me come first in his life.. holds my hand when i see him, hugs me when i want him, loves me when i need him.

Everyday i wake up waiting for things to get worse but surprisingly enough he manages to make things better for me. I adore him, respect him, admire him, but most of all… i Love him.

He taught me what its like to be respected and loved, and he taught me that its not wrong to feel the way i am feeling. He showed me what its like to feel love and made me feel like a girl who has never been luckier in her life. I still get butterflies in my stomach when i see him or touch him. His the most special person in my life and i wake up everyday hoping that the gods up there wont take these butterflies away from me for a long long time…………….


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  1. Sometimes its not all about money to make that person happy. Its about showing that person that u r with her 24/7 in good times,regardless if u were poor even.
    Like this book i read had a good saying. Love finds cant find love.

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