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The way to a womans heart is through her stomach


DinnerRecently me and cupcake had a discussion regarding a very interesting topic.. well.. I think it was more like a fight but lets just keep it as a discussion for now. The point of discussion was regarding my brother. He wanted to get this girl (who is just a friend of his.. but he does like her after all) a birthday gift and me and cupcake were wondering what to get her as we were trying to help that lazy ass. So I was telling him why don’t we get a nice box of chocolates from Fine things and get it delivered to her place, and cupcake was going on about getting flowers which i thought was just such a waste of money. I mean dont get me wrong but I think i am one of those girls who seems to think that feeding me will get you everywhere. People spend so much on flowers these days and its a crime in my books as it only lasts for a maximum of 3 days. U get it and you get all happy about it and then you just discard it and forget it.

ChocolateAs always Cupcake was adamant about the damn flowers and we decided against it all. I know most people believe that giving your girl friend or loved one flowers is a great thing but seriously, is she going to remember it? I myself might sound very boring to you all right now but for me the real way to my heart is through my stomach. I would love to be gifted food. Yes you can eat it and finish it off and forget about it. But it fills up your tummy and makes you so happy. You wont go hungry. Basic human need. (Damn i sound like a little greedy fat slob now dont I?) Anyway for me some of my ideal gifts are as follows. Food, books, clothes and on those lines. I have warned my friends and boyfriend of buying me any flowers because its a freaking waste of money. So cupcake is trying to prove me wrong but I don’t care. I wont change.  I love Food. And everything in my life revolves around it. When I just think about hot butter cuttle fish my tongue tingles and the smell of a great lasagna right out of an oven and my personal favourite would have to be licking the left overs once my mum has made Christmas cake. yummmmmyyyyyy….. and to continue with the discussion of food, I love a BBQ night with some great pork chops and Buffetsome spare ribs and pineapple. The Christmas Ham and the roast chicken. The battered prawns and even sweet and sour. My mouth is just watering thinking of all of this and I so want it all now. So cupcake trust me when I tell you this. Your flowers cant compete against all these dishes I have mentioned. I am not ashamed to say it as well. I am a FOODAHOLIC!!!! and I am proud of it. I LOVE FOOD.