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Mothers Day


Not everyone has the fortune of having a wonderful mother, but i am one of those lucky few who are.  All though when she does spend time with me, it drives me up the roof, I still miss you mum. Even though you live so far away from me and we dont keep in touch as often as I wish we did, I always wish you were right here with me. So in memory of Mothers day I found  beautiful video that says everything I want to say to you. I love you mum.


Lets Kill Akon!


I’m sure most of us know of the latest developments that have been happening in our little Island. If not, let me give you a summary. Since of late we as Sri Lankans have realized that we have a bunch of terrorists in our country. Oh no not the LTTE, those guys are so year 2009, this is the latest kind. Probably deadlier. The lovely mob that has emerged. Yep you guessed it. Its the “We hate Akon” group. I am sure most of you are having a huge ROFL moment right now. But i am not kidding you people we have a HOLY WAR in our hands. Its not even Osama Bin Ladens doing anymore. Why wont people just let Osama have his lime light and stop trying to take it away from him. I mean how unfair is that. Here we have one man who tried so hard and turned out to be one of the world most wanted criminals who gave meaning to the words “Holy and War” and Sr i Lanka being famous for copying EVERYTHING from the western world, stole that from him as well.

So now how did all this start? Well no one actually gave two hoots as to the fact that AKON had SIMULATED sex on stage with a 15 year old. Yes I repeat to all the people who keep saying he had sex on stage it was NOT sex. It was SIMULATED SEX, and whoever says theres no difference… well then my advice to you is…. GET LAID. So anyway Akon decided to come and it seems that we have a certain minority who doesnt want anybody from the western hemisphere to visit this country and increase tourism… Oh noo heaven forbid.. thats just so god damn bad.. what we need in this country is for us to have a Non existing Island which no one has heard of.. what the heck right? 2012 is approaching.. who needs tourism…

Okay So there’s a video with Akon and a Buddha statue in the background with two girls dancing in front of it. That video came out long time back and we have started an uproar now??? all because his visiting. Firstly it wasn’t even his video and secondly its just a BACKGROUND u MORONS. Even if our lovely group of haters have proved time and time again that their thinking is soooooooooooo prehistoric, their use of technology is certainly commendable. Whats the first thing they do? Open up a facebook group that has close to 500 new additions everyday. So right now i think its some 8900 members and increasing (and please people stop joining the damn group)

So now we have articles badmouthing lots of established figures in this country and we have a set of hooligans roaming around with their jungies in a twist threatening to throw grenades and kill Akon. 😛 Oh yes people i am definitely LMAO. and who might these sad losers be? well i checked some of their profiles.. Most of their status’s say “we hate akon – vote for wimal Weerawansa”, “we hate akon – Vote for Champika ranawaka” LOL…. so you can imagine of which caliber they all come from.

All i can say is… dont use buddhism as an excuse to hate.. because as far as i remember Lord Buddha never taught hate and murder in his teachings.. its sad that we ourselves say that we are devout buddhists but we do more damage to Budhism than any westerner could.

So my advice… go watch Akon.. ofcourse thats if he decides he wants to come to a crazy ass country in which we still have a whole heap of apes running around…..

No Bras in Somalia


Save me
So where in the world has the latest stupidity occurred? oh look no further than Somalia. I read this article in the papers yesterday and was appalled by the circumstances in which these unholy acts are being performed. There’s a new rule in Somalia according to the new Sharia law, which means that if any woman wears a bra she will be whipped. Fancy that.

A hardline Islamist group in Somalia has begun publicly whipping women for wearing bras that they claim violate Islam as they are ‘deceptive’. The insurgent group Al Shabaab has sent gunmen into the streets of Mogadishu to round up any women who appear to have a firm busts. The women are then inspected to see if the firmness is natural, or if it is the result of wearing a bra. If they are found wearing a bra, they are ordered to remove it and shake their breasts.

At first when I read this I thought i had stumbled across some sick joke but its actually quite true. and I was just thinking.. damn I wouldn’t mind walking around without one once in a while.. and here they are not enough they make the women wear a veil but now they cant wear bras?? what the hell? Al Shabaab, which seeks to impose a strict interpretation of Sharia law over all Somalia, also amputated a foot and a hand each from two young men accused of robbery earlier this month. They have also banned movies, musical ringtones, dancing at wedding ceremonies and playing or watching soccer. Apparently all breasts should be firm naturally, or just flat. Any man caught without a beard was been publicly whipped so the laws for men are equally strong as well.

Its sad to see that its going all the way to the Taliban laws all over again. once you get rid of one party, another emerges.

Will it all END in 2012?


I never really paid much attention to all these predictions people kept making about this and that and how the world will end. A few years back we believed the world will end when we reached our millennium, and yet here we stand as always living our dreary lives.

maya_glyphsSince their earliest recorded history, the ancient Maya were sincerely interested in the perception of time. Their cultural basis was formed on the comprehension and interpretation of time. They were the earliest civilizations with a recorded concept of zero and notational placement, thus forming the foundation of understanding time. The Mayan calendar has been described as genius, with intricate forms of dating interlocking with one perception to the next. Their numbers consisted of zero, a shell-like shape, a dot for one unit, and a bar for five units. These were simple symbols used in their hieroglyphics, yet they indicate an extremely advanced mathematical system. The best part of it all is that their calendar ends on the 21st of December 2012, that’s when the Maya calendar will turn over to all zeros — by the long count.

This fact isn’t nearly as frightening as it sounds! The Mayans kept extremely detailed astronomical records and they followed the cycles of the planets and stars as they travel around in their orbits. We are currently in the 5th cycle recorded by the Maya. It started in 3114B.C. and lasts for 5126 years until 2012. The Maya believe that in the 5th cycle the ancient wisdom of the Maya will be rediscovered by the world and it will be a new dawn for mankind! “In just 12 years we face another apocalyptic test.

The prediction regarding the terrorists’ attack on the Twin Towers was even more terrifying.

According to the book “The Mayan Prophesies” by Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell, the Mayans prophesied that “great birds will come from the sky and end a great city to the north,” and indeed, two airplanes stuck New York City, a large city geographically located to the north.  Although New York City was not “ended” by the attack, a large part of their history will include this sad event.

Even if we chose to deny it or not people believe that something will happen sooner or later.. and my advice to everyone is we might as well enjoy ourself before we all either drown or get incinerated.

The way to a womans heart is through her stomach


DinnerRecently me and cupcake had a discussion regarding a very interesting topic.. well.. I think it was more like a fight but lets just keep it as a discussion for now. The point of discussion was regarding my brother. He wanted to get this girl (who is just a friend of his.. but he does like her after all) a birthday gift and me and cupcake were wondering what to get her as we were trying to help that lazy ass. So I was telling him why don’t we get a nice box of chocolates from Fine things and get it delivered to her place, and cupcake was going on about getting flowers which i thought was just such a waste of money. I mean dont get me wrong but I think i am one of those girls who seems to think that feeding me will get you everywhere. People spend so much on flowers these days and its a crime in my books as it only lasts for a maximum of 3 days. U get it and you get all happy about it and then you just discard it and forget it.

ChocolateAs always Cupcake was adamant about the damn flowers and we decided against it all. I know most people believe that giving your girl friend or loved one flowers is a great thing but seriously, is she going to remember it? I myself might sound very boring to you all right now but for me the real way to my heart is through my stomach. I would love to be gifted food. Yes you can eat it and finish it off and forget about it. But it fills up your tummy and makes you so happy. You wont go hungry. Basic human need. (Damn i sound like a little greedy fat slob now dont I?) Anyway for me some of my ideal gifts are as follows. Food, books, clothes and on those lines. I have warned my friends and boyfriend of buying me any flowers because its a freaking waste of money. So cupcake is trying to prove me wrong but I don’t care. I wont change.  I love Food. And everything in my life revolves around it. When I just think about hot butter cuttle fish my tongue tingles and the smell of a great lasagna right out of an oven and my personal favourite would have to be licking the left overs once my mum has made Christmas cake. yummmmmyyyyyy….. and to continue with the discussion of food, I love a BBQ night with some great pork chops and Buffetsome spare ribs and pineapple. The Christmas Ham and the roast chicken. The battered prawns and even sweet and sour. My mouth is just watering thinking of all of this and I so want it all now. So cupcake trust me when I tell you this. Your flowers cant compete against all these dishes I have mentioned. I am not ashamed to say it as well. I am a FOODAHOLIC!!!! and I am proud of it. I LOVE FOOD.



A friend of mine sent me this video and i wanted to share it with everyone who would take the time to see it.. It shows us exactly what love is about.. and even though at the beginning you think its some humourous clip.. its not.. it really hits you where it should.

Sometimes do you sit and wonder to your self and complain about the person that your in love with? he doesn’t do this and that and do you think to your self that his imperfect as a human being because of his tiny flaws?

Or are u one of those people who loves those imperfections about the person you love? Do you see his pot belly and think to your self that sometimes you just love that about him? Or that no matter how much he makes you mad sometimes, he always has a way of making u laugh with his little crude noises? This is something to think about…

Left Behind


People LeaveI remember the first time i saw this poster.. it was in One Tree Hill. I used to be quite fascinated by it and i used to think to myself as to whats the percentage of this being right. When it comes down to it.. its pretty obvious that its all right.. people always do leave. No matter what you do or say to keep them.. end of the day your alone.. other than for your family. They are the only ones who were with you when you were born and they are the only ones who stand by your side when you take the last few breaths in your life.

I had a friend.. or more of have a friend. Lets call that special friend of mine Avacado. If you knew me well you’ll know that everything is based around food for me. Avacado was very close to me.. i told Avacado everything about me and everything i knew.. shared things with Avacado, joked around, had quite a number of laughs too, and not to mention some priceless moments that only the two of us and a bunch of people who were present  at those times knew about.

So Avacado and i were very close. Closer than anyone else we knew. But there were times that Avacado left me confused and questioning myself as to what i did wrong. Avacado used to walk in all grumpy and then just ignore me.. and i used to be all happy to see Avacado but never got the same treatment back. And then there were the great days that we used to kid around and make everyone else our little joke. Right now we are in that same situation again. The one where im left confused and i always end up going after Avacado and asking what i did wrong, eventhough im still bloody confused as hell. I sat myself down and told my self.. no matter what you end up doing, Avacado will eventually leave you and forget you. And you end up where you did long time ago… alone. So what did i choose to do? i choose to give Avacado time and not get in the way. I will sit back and wait. That day may come or may not and i hope to god it will come coz i miss my Avacado.. but theres nothing much i can do about it…. but wait… alone…

A Dedication to a Cupcake


small-things-can-leave-beyondI once had a friend, who has known me for a few years, but from the very first day it felt like we had known each other forever. That persons name is cupcake. Cupcake has been my guardian angel from the very beginning because cupcake believes that i am a trouble maker and i need someone to watch over me. All i can say is those words that were uttered has always been true. I have been the biggest prone for any kind of misfortune in life. But no matter what, Cupcake has been by my side to make sure that i am well taken care of.

I remmeber through out all the sad little misfortunes i have had with my relationships, cupcake has been the one true person who has always. no matter what, taken my side. Taught me to control my temper and adviced me on the one key rule that i still remember to this day. “No matter how angry you are and you want to say the meanest most nastiest things back to the person who hurt you, always remember that some things can never be taken back”

Its because i have listened to those wise words that i have kept myself out of certain incidents. This post is a dedication to you cupcake. To thank you for always being there for me and always being my friend and remembering me no matter how much i forget you and always having the patience to untangle me from the messes i make for my self. Wish i can be there for you one day and do the same for you.


Old You

Old You

How often can we think to ourselves and say that we have fallen head over heels in love with that one person? The person who showed you what love is all about, specially when you had given up on it ages ago after heart break after heart break.

When i think back to that day i always have a smile on my face eventhough it makes me sad as well. When your young and naive, you believe everyone you meet is the person for you and you put all your hopes and dreams on that one person just to have them dash it all and send you crumbling back to your little corner. But when you set your eyes on that one person. The guy who treats you like your the most precious thing in the world and never lets you out of their site. A fellow blogger once refered to these kind of people as a “Dying breed”. All i can say is.. they arent a dying breed, they just dont come out very often for us girls to grab them. But when they do… they change your entire life forever. They show you things that you can only dream of and they teach you what its like to love and be loved.

Years go by and you still believe that that one person who swept you off your feet and mesmerized you is still there… but his not… they change.. they all do.. Its not that im saying that they cheat on you and leave you.. but its more like.. you get introduced to a whole new different side of them you never knew.. a person who still loves you, but makes you understand that its not all about you anymore and they have bigger prioroties. They unintentionally hurt you regularly and they make you feel inferior. But no matter what, you still stand by their side and you still hope that that day will come in which you can change things and he will realise that your the one person who stood by his side no matter what and you pray to god and ask him to send you the “old him” back.