9 days of MADNESS!


Yes FM’s recent campaign, the 9 days of 90’s definitely has a good listener base as I believe they’ve tapped into a good market. But you know what the issue is? we need to hear more music and less of shaqs voice.

Rice ball loves music from the 90’s and so i have to torture myself and listen to it every morning. Don’t get me wrong i love the music too.. just dislike the station. I mean i get it they say that this is the latest phase in radio where they keep their audience captivated with their silly chatter and antics, but it comes to that point where all you want to do is scream STOP and SHUT THE HELL UP!

Shaq and shey are talented individuals, specially in what they do. My honest opinion is that there will never be a duo like Shaq and Mark but thats just old and stale news.

So today like every other day i got into the vehicle at 7.15 and saw the dreaded 89.5 tuned into the radio. So while we were driving i had to listen to Shaq’s sad pathetic story about how he never got the chance to put together his marvel comic cards.. and as always when Shaq cant do something its a scam. So yeah Marvel comics was playing a huge joke on the world and they wanted people to buy their cards when there was no actual prize. Great work Shaq aren’t you a master mind.

So all this time i had only heard one song being played mind you. Then there was a lady who tried some 90’s quiz to win a ARPICO mattress. I mean i get it that its expensive these days but come on….. So in her first question she answered it in less than a few seconds but Shaq oh great great Shaq keeps asking her on and on and on the same bloody question. All us listeners are losing our patience at his complete and utter stupidity. I mean Ask the question, get the answer and ding ding ding we have a winner! how bloody hard is that?

So 5 agonizing questions for that lady was 15 to 20 minutes of hair pulling, nail bitting, eye ball popping pain for us. Its not coz i wanted to kno the answers.. i could care less if she won the mattress or not, but i just wanted it over with coz listening to Shaq keep on going “are u sure? positive? ur sure? very sure? if you got another try whats your second guess? sure? want to change it? how sure are you?” i mean KILL me already. Its just MADNESS.

So yeah even after all that she didn’t even win.. got some lame goody bag with probably lots of gay merchandise Shaq himself hand picked from his gay land of talentless gayness! And the best part of all this was that i got off at about 8.15 and i had the liberty of listening to 2 songs the entire time on Yes fm. Now thats fantastic work my friends.


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  1. talk about it. Its still the same, i get in to the vehicle at 8.50, the time when news starts, it goes on for another 10 mins, then shaq and shey start yapping over some uniteresting, irrelevant, booooring stuff, then the traffic update thingy… by the time its 8.20 they play only a couple of songs. Unfortunately my brother (Car rules say that the drive has control over the stereo) has a lame taste in music, so either that or goddamn indie music. id rather bus it than go through half an hour of torture.

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