Lemons and wine……


Last night i met up with some old friends after a long long time. One of them, “peanut” insisted that we try Lemon, which is Kolus new restaurant.  When you walk in there its beautiful.. its on the rooftop and the place looks so comfy and all that.. so “rice ball” and I got some comfy lounge chairs and relaxed with the drinks menu.. in came “peanut” with her on and off boy toy “tensabi maki”

Of course being the rioter he is I was in a fit of giggles from the beginning till the end when “tensabi maki” started talking and taking the crap out of everything around us… specially little peanut 🙂

So we ordered the food, the prices aren’t too bad.. it ranges from Rs. 700 to about Rs. 1500. The drinks on the other hand is on a nett rate from Rs. 600 and upwards which is not too bad at all. So we ordered our food. I ordered the stuffed calamari with minced pork, rice ball ordered the belly pork, “tensabi maki” got the thai noodles with prawns and little peanut got a caesar salad.

When the food arrived we were all in shock. The caesar salad was the side of her tiny palm with leaves and croûton only… it tasted terrible and it hardly filled one mouthful. The entire time we had to sit and listen to peanut go on about the caesar salad at coco veranda which to be honest is simply amazing.

My calamari was okay.. and being a person who hates vegetables i actually enjoyed the veges more than i did the meat. The belly pork on the other hand was simply yum. I was told Lemon was known for that dish and rightly so as it was quite delicious. “tensabi maki” was taking the crap out of his dish and screaming out to the world how master-chef material it was even though we all knew he hated it.

Ofcourse i think the whole of Colombo has been there or comes there quite often as we bumped into so many people. Our entire dinner lasted a little bit over an hour so “tensabi maki” said lets go get sloshed at the swimming club.  The four of us got there and we started opening up bottle after bottle of white wine and it was just “tensabi maki”, me and rice ball who drank. Ofcourse i know my limits after too many drunken nights and shameful behavior, so i stopped after 3 glasses. I definitely couldn’t say the same for the other two who hammered drink after drink.

Now everyone has always told me the hot butter cuttle fish is great at the swimming club.. and me being a huge fan of that particular dish, we ordered it and i was in heaven and mannn did that hit the spot. Anyway the night ended with those two getting sloshed as they call it and peanut screaming in the parking lot to “tensabi maki” to let her drive and rice ball trying to get in on the action. Poor rice ball couldnt even see the road so i had to drive him home while i listened to him ramble and throw up a million times and also scream at my driving on the way.

So note to self : Dont eat at Lemon, dont drink too much wine or let the rest who is with u drink too much on a weekday. Today i heard that rice ball and “tensabi maki” are food poisoned eventhough peanut and I know that those two drama queens are drunk and hungover and they just dont want to go to work.


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