Sri Lankan Airlines – We are definitely NOT their world.


This is a long overdue post that my very good friend waffles has been asking me to write for ages. I guess since recently i didnt have the kick to actually sit in one place and write something. So since waffles has threatened me quite a few times i thought ill actually sit my ass down and write this post.

Just over a month ago i took my very first trip abroad.. yes i know its sad that its such a long overdue trip but i did it.. it was to Bangalore for my best friends engagement but i simply loved the idea of going as i was going aloneee….. the feeling was just wonderful and i was excited about it from the very first day i told my parents im going.

So the lovely airline Sri Lankan airlines did my travel and accomadation. Firstly it took them a long time to actually get their act together and make my bookings and do all that.. and secondly when i had confirmed all the details and i went over to world trade centre to pay for everything, i sat in front of that girl who did all my details and waited for over an hour for her just to print out my ticket. Correct me if im wrong but if i managed to confirm everything by mail and the phone why should it take so long to print my ticket out?

Anyways after that was over in two weeks or so i was to fly out. Since it was my first time waffles gave me a full out tutorial of what i should do and where i should go and whom i should speak to at the airport. Ofcourse even after that waffles was on the phone with me guiding me through it all coz waffles knew id muck it up somehow and ruin everything and most probably end up in a completely different part of the airport.

So anyway the sri lankan airlines team at the airport was really really friendly and they were very nice. As i boarded the plane i went and sat next to a grumpy old man who hardly smiled or did anything.. but what more can you expect from indians i guess.So then when we were about to take off the stewardess did the usual safety procedure and the way she did it made it seem that she wished she can jump off the plane. She rolled her eyes the entire time and i am very sure we can find more enthusiasm on a dead turtle than this girl.

At first the flight was fine but then a whole heap of turbulance started and and then the food was carted off to us. Now i get it that its a short flight so they dont really need to give us anything to eat, but i would very much prefer if they bloody hell didnt give us anything at all than the shit they offered us. I can swear my dogs shit probably will taste better than that. We were given a muffin that was tasteless and a mango juice in a carton and also some small bun which was the size of half an eqlair. At first i was like yay a hot dog and then i opened it and it was like a liver thingy in it… i took one bite and the only thing i wanted to do was puke it out… too bad it was a plane and i couldnt open the shutter and throw it up (another joke at waffles who told me never to worry if i feel like throwing up to feel free to open the window and throw up ) 🙂

Anyways all in all the flight to and from there sucked royally, and their food was horrible. My advice to Sri Lankan is to not serve anything at all because i think you can keep your passengers very happy without any food other than giving them such terrible horrible meals like that in your god awful bright purple dishes.


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  1. Sri Lankan serves good food compared to most other flights in the same class. For example American flights are totally crap. I was amazed that even Mihin’s catering was comapartively good. Ive never had any problems with Sri Lankan, and they provide better service than Indian flights.

  2. Huh, SL is just rubbish. I’m never flying them again if I can help it. Everything’s so slipshod that it’s just a matter of time before a plane goes down. I’m definitely not gonna be on that one.

    • very recently a Qantas A380 had an emergency landing on one engine.a part of the fauly engine had blown’s not just the airline nor the flight.. accidents do happen.but Sri lankan has well qualified technicians and engineers ,which is why there is a high demand for airline technical staff to Emirates and Gamco from sri lankan. and Sri lankan catering is one of the best in the industry.

      • If Sri Lankan catering is the best then i dont even want to know what the others serve 🙂

  3. Sri Lankan the food is ok. The entertainment is marginally ok. But the service IS CRAP. The stewardesses have the tendency to tick you off very fast. But if the plane is empty then you see them in a better mood.
    But seeing that it was a short flight that you were on the experience would have been less. Get on a longer flight. And then the experience changes.

  4. Sri lankan airlines service is much better than other airlines..if you really fancy dog poo you should make arrangements in a short flight you cant expect should appreciate at least for what is on Delta or Unitedand you will never complain. on a short flight all you get is half liter of water..whatever else is at a price..since yours was a short flight you could have left aside the muffin if it was not to your royal time you fly you are welcome to take your own sringhopper pack with coconut sambol and also your dose of kasippu in a miniature..

  5. Yea Sri Lankan turned out to be crap after the change of its management due to some president issue which most of you must be aware of. If not here is the thing, back then Sri Lankan airlines was managed by Emirates airlines (more than 60% of the shares were actually owned by emirates) for years and there was this point where Mahinda Rajapaksha wanted to fly somewhere and without prior notice he has asked the emirates to lend him a flight right at that minute, and the flight which was available in sri lanka at that point was getting ready to board the passengers. As mentioned in most newspapers and stuff,it was not possible for emirate to cancel the flight and refund the tickets or whatever and lend it to the president. So there has been an argument and President has said that its no point doing business with you and he has canceled the agreement with them. Then for a while (the time kingducky was referring to) Sri Lankan was managed by a Sri Lankan company(I guess it’s the Government) and they couldnt keep up with the standards of Emirates.
    Now again the agreement is given back to the emirates because these freaks couldn’t keep up the standards and good service and everyone started complaining like kingducky and they lost customers, so they went and kissed emirates guy’s ass to merge both the companies again!!!
    For like 9 years I have been flying with sri lankan and emirates and I coludnt find much of a difference in Sri lankan airlines compared to emirates.
    When talking about mihin lanka and air arabia, forget about the food, i can’t even sit properly due to lack of space between seats…
    I used to fly from Dubai to Sri Lanka and had really bad experience with air Arabia and mihin
    Recently there was this issue in mihin, they took off from Sri Lanka and during the take off one engine have stopped and they had to do an emergency land in india, and it has taken them like 3 days to get down people and repair the engine. Till the flight was stable to fly the passengers were kept in india
    Same with air Arabia, there was an emergency landing due to pilot falling sick half way through.
    Just imagine the risk people took by flying with them.
    Right now from what I know mihin s doing better than before after it has been fully sold to a Korean company and at present Air Arabia is having a rapid growth

  6. If u are taking a sri lankan flight to india make sure u buy a sandwich at the airport u cannot eat the stuff they dish out! Its totally unedible.

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