I went through this very depressing stage where i couldn’t find a single movie to watch.. so a friend of mine dragged me to this video store and we bought a heap of movies for a dirt cheap price. I love horror or anything based around that concept so when i saw this movie hanging up there i thought what the hell.. it looks alright…

Well let me just start off by saying its a stupid pathetic excuse for a movie.. i was so utterly bored at the script and the acting was outrageously ridiculous. First of all during the entire movie Brittany murphy had the weirdest yucky hairdo i had ever seen.. it was like she showered and forgot to wipe her hair but poured a large bucket of oil down it. So anyway i sat through the movie and the first five minutes felt like an hour because the movie dragged on for ages.. and she takes an hour to blink and even say one word..  I mean no disrespect to the girl as she did have a drug overdose sometime back and died.. but if this is the kind of movie the directors want us to remember her by then they did her a lot of injustice.

The movie is based around her taking her boyfriend to the hospital for some operation on his leg and he goes missing and bla bla bla and she keeps running around annoying every nurse and doctor looking for an imaginary patient and all this nonsense and it turns out that he played her and it was all a ransom act because she worked in a BANK!!! whatever!

All in all the movie was crap! and i cant believe i wasted my time watching it.. but then again i did fast forward the entire movie coz it was a load of garbage.


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