No regrets……..


Sometimes when you really sit and think about your life, you always wonder if you have accomplished or even managed to do half the things you set out to when you made all those big plans for yourself. But the most important thing is you always wonder if you have found true love. How often do we sit alone and think of all those great things you have done with that one person who made you happy? The little gifts his given you, the surprises, the kisses when you least expect it… but mainly the comforting hug when you really need it.. to show you that his always there with you and will always be your shoulder to cry on.

But what happens when that’s gone? When it’s a constant battle to just get through the day with each other? When nothing you do is right and when you’re always reminded that you are not the perfect person for him and he needs more? What do you do?

Do you sit in a corner like I do and convince yourself that you can change for him, or do you come to terms with reality and realize that you’re just not meant to be with each other? End of the day it all comes down to one thing. Do you love each other enough to overcome your differences and move on or will you let your differences get in the way and destroy any future that you could have built together.

It’s sad when relationships, marriages, families fall apart, but I guess life is too short and there should be no room for regrets. So what do you do in situations like this? Try and work it out.. but if you know in your heart that you have given all you can into working it out, then you should just walk away. Life is too short…..


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  1. you will always end up having a few regrets in life. it is unavoidable i guess.

    make the most of what you have kiddo 🙂

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