IIFA madness


Whats all this huff about since of late regarding the Indian Awards?? Well for all of you who dont know whats happening in our little island, the International Indian Film Awards is coming down to Sri Lanka this June. All i can say is theres a lot of planning going into the stages of doing the events for it which spans close to 20 events in just 3 days. Some may think if we even have the man power or equipment to do this successfully. But what i have heard from my sources s that they are bringing down most of the state of the art equipments and stuff…

Whatever said and done I think its superb that this is happening in our country. We need everything we can get to let the world know that we are war free and that we are one Island with a thousand treasures. So anyway it turns out that all the stars will be present at this weekend and theres gonna be whole heaps of events.. and even the cricket match and a little birdie told me that Sharukh might be in a team..

So anyway show your support for the awards and join this facebook group and show that you support Sri Lanka for bringing it down.  So if you can do what we all did.. change your profile pic on fb to the iifa logo 🙂 yes i know its very far fetched but we did it 🙂 and NO im not a bollywood fan…. just being supportive and check this website for more updates and details.


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