International Indian Film Academy in Sri Lanka


So it was confirmed today that the International Indian Film Academy Awards also known as iiFA will be held in Colombo this June. Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau has won a very difficult bid against some of the most renowned countries just to host this years iiFA awards in Colombo Sri Lanka in June.

It is estimated that a total of 300 Bollywood stars will be attending this event and some Hollywood figures (wont say who) will be attending as well. The International Indian Film Academy is a first-of-its-kind effort to promote Indian Cinema globally, thus reaching out to millions of its fans.

It’s the celebration of Indian Cinema. The International Indian Film Academy.  Propelling Indian Cinema to glorious pinnacles beyond Indian shores. As global cinema rapidly emerges, a prominent place for Indian Cinema is reserved. IIFA constantly endeavours to showcase to the world the wealth of talent Indian Cinema has to offer.

Funnily enough we had to beat the favourite seoul South korea for this. I guess in a way this is going to put Sri Lanka on the map as an ideal destination to visit during the time. Lets just hope we dont have another  bunch of psychos who start some stupid group and try and stop this too.


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  1. I KNOW. Let’s throw stones and get them kicked outl! These jiggly bollywood dancing with funny funny things are very very bad.


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