Lets Kill Akon!


I’m sure most of us know of the latest developments that have been happening in our little Island. If not, let me give you a summary. Since of late we as Sri Lankans have realized that we have a bunch of terrorists in our country. Oh no not the LTTE, those guys are so year 2009, this is the latest kind. Probably deadlier. The lovely mob that has emerged. Yep you guessed it. Its the “We hate Akon” group. I am sure most of you are having a huge ROFL moment right now. But i am not kidding you people we have a HOLY WAR in our hands. Its not even Osama Bin Ladens doing anymore. Why wont people just let Osama have his lime light and stop trying to take it away from him. I mean how unfair is that. Here we have one man who tried so hard and turned out to be one of the world most wanted criminals who gave meaning to the words “Holy and War” and Sr i Lanka being famous for copying EVERYTHING from the western world, stole that from him as well.

So now how did all this start? Well no one actually gave two hoots as to the fact that AKON had SIMULATED sex on stage with a 15 year old. Yes I repeat to all the people who keep saying he had sex on stage it was NOT sex. It was SIMULATED SEX, and whoever says theres no difference… well then my advice to you is…. GET LAID. So anyway Akon decided to come and it seems that we have a certain minority who doesnt want anybody from the western hemisphere to visit this country and increase tourism… Oh noo heaven forbid.. thats just so god damn bad.. what we need in this country is for us to have a Non existing Island which no one has heard of.. what the heck right? 2012 is approaching.. who needs tourism…

Okay So there’s a video with Akon and a Buddha statue in the background with two girls dancing in front of it. That video came out long time back and we have started an uproar now??? all because his visiting. Firstly it wasn’t even his video and secondly its just a BACKGROUND u MORONS. Even if our lovely group of haters have proved time and time again that their thinking is soooooooooooo prehistoric, their use of technology is certainly commendable. Whats the first thing they do? Open up a facebook group that has close to 500 new additions everyday. So right now i think its some 8900 members and increasing (and please people stop joining the damn group)

So now we have articles badmouthing lots of established figures in this country and we have a set of hooligans roaming around with their jungies in a twist threatening to throw grenades and kill Akon. 😛 Oh yes people i am definitely LMAO. and who might these sad losers be? well i checked some of their profiles.. Most of their status’s say “we hate akon – vote for wimal Weerawansa”, “we hate akon – Vote for Champika ranawaka” LOL…. so you can imagine of which caliber they all come from.

All i can say is… dont use buddhism as an excuse to hate.. because as far as i remember Lord Buddha never taught hate and murder in his teachings.. its sad that we ourselves say that we are devout buddhists but we do more damage to Budhism than any westerner could.

So my advice… go watch Akon.. ofcourse thats if he decides he wants to come to a crazy ass country in which we still have a whole heap of apes running around…..


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  1. huh interesting.. obviously me being away from the country, doesn’t know about this group. but knew about the said artists’ visit…
    ohh some lankans!

  2. Sad stuff man. I completely understand that some people are offended and upset over the video, but they should do something about it rather than write crap on some facebook page… I’m seeing some people requesting the admins to write a petition instead of putting more petrol to the fire… but so far it seems like those requests are ignored and drowned by idiots. Ah well…

  3. Its so pleasure to announce that GOVT has decided not to issue visa to AKON . Exactly the right move to be taken since he has insulted Buddhism in one of his video.
    As an artist he is responsible for the content of his stuff. This is another fine decision against insulting religions after MIDNIGHT CHILDREN & DA VINCI CODE decisions

    • yo idiot, congratulations on your epic fail. you are obviously someone who cant think of anything better to do than to waste your pathetic excuse of a life trash talking someone for who knows what. You think Akon’s so bad because everything he does is shown in the media. What if everything you do was posted in the media? You might just be even worse. Get a life please

  4. wow fail ppl honestly i can see every one of you haters doing something waaay worse than you accuse Akon of doing. all you haters can go suck an egg1

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