Will it all END in 2012?


I never really paid much attention to all these predictions people kept making about this and that and how the world will end. A few years back we believed the world will end when we reached our millennium, and yet here we stand as always living our dreary lives.

maya_glyphsSince their earliest recorded history, the ancient Maya were sincerely interested in the perception of time. Their cultural basis was formed on the comprehension and interpretation of time. They were the earliest civilizations with a recorded concept of zero and notational placement, thus forming the foundation of understanding time. The Mayan calendar has been described as genius, with intricate forms of dating interlocking with one perception to the next. Their numbers consisted of zero, a shell-like shape, a dot for one unit, and a bar for five units. These were simple symbols used in their hieroglyphics, yet they indicate an extremely advanced mathematical system. The best part of it all is that their calendar ends on the 21st of December 2012, that’s when the Maya calendar will turn over to all zeros — by the long count.

This fact isn’t nearly as frightening as it sounds! The Mayans kept extremely detailed astronomical records and they followed the cycles of the planets and stars as they travel around in their orbits. We are currently in the 5th cycle recorded by the Maya. It started in 3114B.C. and lasts for 5126 years until 2012. The Maya believe that in the 5th cycle the ancient wisdom of the Maya will be rediscovered by the world and it will be a new dawn for mankind! “In just 12 years we face another apocalyptic test.

The prediction regarding the terrorists’ attack on the Twin Towers was even more terrifying.

According to the book “The Mayan Prophesies” by Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell, the Mayans prophesied that “great birds will come from the sky and end a great city to the north,” and indeed, two airplanes stuck New York City, a large city geographically located to the north.  Although New York City was not “ended” by the attack, a large part of their history will include this sad event.

Even if we chose to deny it or not people believe that something will happen sooner or later.. and my advice to everyone is we might as well enjoy ourself before we all either drown or get incinerated.


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  1. Live your life to the fullest without hurting anyone and try your best to think your actions through so you wont have any regrets about the decisions you take 🙂

    oh btw. sometime back i was watching this documentary on discovery and they said something like the earth is way over due for a huge world wide disaster… apparently a world wide disaster happens every X amount of years and according to their research we are like 1000+ years overdue if i remember right.

    “live free… die well”
    – scorpion king


  2. hmmmmmmm an interesting topic… Did you read about how Planet X is going to hit earth on this day? I read some scientific facts somewhere which said nothing drastic like that would happen.
    Remember people said the end of the last millennium was the end of the world, and nothing happened… so I guess we just have to wait and see this time too…
    I find it exciting (only hoping no damage to beings)!!!

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