A friend of mine sent me this video and i wanted to share it with everyone who would take the time to see it.. It shows us exactly what love is about.. and even though at the beginning you think its some humourous clip.. its not.. it really hits you where it should.

Sometimes do you sit and wonder to your self and complain about the person that your in love with? he doesn’t do this and that and do you think to your self that his imperfect as a human being because of his tiny flaws?

Or are u one of those people who loves those imperfections about the person you love? Do you see his pot belly and think to your self that sometimes you just love that about him? Or that no matter how much he makes you mad sometimes, he always has a way of making u laugh with his little crude noises? This is something to think about…


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  1. That’s so touching. It made me almost cry 🙂
    I couldn’t help noticing that they look awesome in their wedding photo.

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