Books, Books.. Read all about it….


So i was one of those crazy book addicts who went to the book fair.. and not once mind you.. twice.. and i loved every minute of it. It was horrendously crowded and you get pushed around and all that.. but when you see those books… ahhhhh.. now thats when everything just starts to go right.. So i walked all over.. practically memorized everything and got my hands around some amazing books that i have wanted for soo long at unbelievable prices. So my list of purchases contained:

The beach House, The White Tiger, Anna Karenina

The bookseller of Kabul, The Host, Eclipse and the Last Concubine

And it was all a steal for the prices that they were giving them out for, but word of advice.. before you go.. have a set of books you want to buy listed out. Check the prices of the book in many stores before you buy them coz sometimes ul find the same book dirt cheap somewhere else. And for all you dan brown fans out there, The lost Symbol has landed in the country and the best choice is to get it at the book fair coz you get your 20% discount. 🙂

So whoever hasnt gone yet.. my advice is to get ur asses there SOON coz it all ends tomorrow.


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