Me? Arrested? NEVER!!! :p


Well iv been tagged by santhoshi because she believes that i would get arrested because of my header, and here i was thinking it was for all my slanderous talk about how stupid the government is 🙂 But if i was to get arrested.. then this picture im using in my header is well worth it 🙂 First of all i have to thank one of my good friends for making it for me.. and i should warn everyone that i have worse headers than this which i haven’t uploaded yet.. but Santhoshi you will be the first person to know once i do 🙂

So lets get down to business. Im going to tag 3 bloggers who i feel would get arrested… and most likely i hope they will… lol.. just kidding

Cupcake – For believing for some insane reason that he is not mortal and is under some sad sad sad fantasy that he will take over the world one day 🙂 Sorry cupcake.. had to do it.. lol

Pinky – for being sooo sweet and trying to make the world a pink place..

Shysly – For not being able to stay in touch with us folks in Sri Lanka once he left to England… 😛

There… iv done my duty.. you’ve been tagged 🙂


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  1. if im not mistaken you share my dream as well :p

    i think your just trying to get me out of the picture so you can have the world for your self….

    pffft. like i will let you trick a bunch of mortals and corner me ^_^

    I will take over the world… muhahahaha…

    The Great One… Has spoken!

  2. Now, now…. there’s no need for all this arresting business. If it’s some consolation, leaving your fine duck bottom was much more difficult than leaving lanka!

    Do I think you’d get arrested? hmmm….(shysly is in deep thought)

    In my view, the only time you’d get arrested is if you wiggle that fine duck bottom of yours and create public hatred and anger towards eachother, which mind you is a valid reason for you to get arrested ! (according to the anti terrorism laws prevailing in the country)

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