Left Behind


People LeaveI remember the first time i saw this poster.. it was in One Tree Hill. I used to be quite fascinated by it and i used to think to myself as to whats the percentage of this being right. When it comes down to it.. its pretty obvious that its all right.. people always do leave. No matter what you do or say to keep them.. end of the day your alone.. other than for your family. They are the only ones who were with you when you were born and they are the only ones who stand by your side when you take the last few breaths in your life.

I had a friend.. or more of have a friend. Lets call that special friend of mine Avacado. If you knew me well you’ll know that everything is based around food for me. Avacado was very close to me.. i told Avacado everything about me and everything i knew.. shared things with Avacado, joked around, had quite a number of laughs too, and not to mention some priceless moments that only the two of us and a bunch of people who were present  at those times knew about.

So Avacado and i were very close. Closer than anyone else we knew. But there were times that Avacado left me confused and questioning myself as to what i did wrong. Avacado used to walk in all grumpy and then just ignore me.. and i used to be all happy to see Avacado but never got the same treatment back. And then there were the great days that we used to kid around and make everyone else our little joke. Right now we are in that same situation again. The one where im left confused and i always end up going after Avacado and asking what i did wrong, eventhough im still bloody confused as hell. I sat myself down and told my self.. no matter what you end up doing, Avacado will eventually leave you and forget you. And you end up where you did long time ago… alone. So what did i choose to do? i choose to give Avacado time and not get in the way. I will sit back and wait. That day may come or may not and i hope to god it will come coz i miss my Avacado.. but theres nothing much i can do about it…. but wait… alone…


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  1. give avacado some time .. should come around soon
    and u have cupcake n others to keep u company ( ok let me stop i am getting carried away now with all this food)..

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