Old You

Old You

How often can we think to ourselves and say that we have fallen head over heels in love with that one person? The person who showed you what love is all about, specially when you had given up on it ages ago after heart break after heart break.

When i think back to that day i always have a smile on my face eventhough it makes me sad as well. When your young and naive, you believe everyone you meet is the person for you and you put all your hopes and dreams on that one person just to have them dash it all and send you crumbling back to your little corner. But when you set your eyes on that one person. The guy who treats you like your the most precious thing in the world and never lets you out of their site. A fellow blogger once refered to these kind of people as a “Dying breed”. All i can say is.. they arent a dying breed, they just dont come out very often for us girls to grab them. But when they do… they change your entire life forever. They show you things that you can only dream of and they teach you what its like to love and be loved.

Years go by and you still believe that that one person who swept you off your feet and mesmerized you is still there… but his not… they change.. they all do.. Its not that im saying that they cheat on you and leave you.. but its more like.. you get introduced to a whole new different side of them you never knew.. a person who still loves you, but makes you understand that its not all about you anymore and they have bigger prioroties. They unintentionally hurt you regularly and they make you feel inferior. But no matter what, you still stand by their side and you still hope that that day will come in which you can change things and he will realise that your the one person who stood by his side no matter what and you pray to god and ask him to send you the “old him” back.


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