A Dedication to a Cupcake


small-things-can-leave-beyondI once had a friend, who has known me for a few years, but from the very first day it felt like we had known each other forever. That persons name is cupcake. Cupcake has been my guardian angel from the very beginning because cupcake believes that i am a trouble maker and i need someone to watch over me. All i can say is those words that were uttered has always been true. I have been the biggest prone for any kind of misfortune in life. But no matter what, Cupcake has been by my side to make sure that i am well taken care of.

I remmeber through out all the sad little misfortunes i have had with my relationships, cupcake has been the one true person who has always. no matter what, taken my side. Taught me to control my temper and adviced me on the one key rule that i still remember to this day. “No matter how angry you are and you want to say the meanest most nastiest things back to the person who hurt you, always remember that some things can never be taken back”

Its because i have listened to those wise words that i have kept myself out of certain incidents. This post is a dedication to you cupcake. To thank you for always being there for me and always being my friend and remembering me no matter how much i forget you and always having the patience to untangle me from the messes i make for my self. Wish i can be there for you one day and do the same for you.


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    • ha ha ha … thats one of the funniest comments iv gotten.. lol… your welcome.. and i love cupcakes too.. im sure the cupcake mentioned here must be getting all excited about these comments.. lol

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