Woman fined for wearing trousers


As usual its another touchy subject for lil ol me.. funnily enough people in my workplace knows that i feel very strongly on this subject and they make it a point to share these with me. I read about this story sometime back but nothing really caught my eye enough to spend sometime on it. I knew it was ridiculous from the very beginning. The rules and regulations and i think the funnny part is its weird how people just make up their own rules when they feel like it. So the story goes like this.

A Sudanese woman was found guilty of indecency and fined on Monday for wearing trousers in a case that has attracted worldwide attention, but she will be spared lashes. The woman, Lubna Hussein, was arrested at a party in July with 12 other women and had faced the possibility of 40 lashes for wearing trousers deemed indecent. The court ordered her to pay a fine of 500 pounds ($209) or face a month in jail. Hussein’s case was seen as a test of Sudan’s Islamic decency regulations, which many women activists say are vague and give individual police officers undue latitude to determine what is acceptable clothing for women.

But unlike most women Lubna was a former reporter for the United Nations. She made sure the case was public and global knowlege. Hussein argued her clothes, a pair of green slacks that she also wore to her first court appearance, were respectable and that she did not break the law. I was under the misconception that in the muslim law it was deemed that you cover yourself so that only your husband can see your beauty or (some nonsense like that). Now correct me if im wrong but isnt a pair of trousers enough cover? Or was it not covering her toes fully and thats why they wanted to whip her as a punishment?

Ten of the other women arrested with Hussein have pleaded guilty and have been whipped, Hussein said she would refuse to pay the fine: “I will not pay the money, and I will go to prison.” Now that my friend is Balls 🙂


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  1. Hey ducky…

    I totally agreed with what you mention in the post. But its all about the Culture isn’t it…. and how they think about the life.

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