Public Slaughter of Animals


I know most of you would have already read the Sunday Times edition of this post and this would be very late news, but when i read that article i really couldnt do much but think to myself how cruel we humans are. I know its a bit hipocritical making a fuss about this when there are soo many innocent animals being slaughtered daily for our needs, but what got me most was the attack on 200 goats for a religious festival. They publicly displayed these animals, while one person held each goat and another just cut them open. 😦 I hope i have gotten my facts right when i say this, but arent these the very people who think that the cows are sacred animals? then why? goats arents good enough to that standard is it?


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  1. Unfortunately there is little that non-hindu people like us can do about such a practice… it is a shame but at least they are not just killed for the sake of a holy sacrifice. The animal is killed in one swipe and the meat is distributed to the needy (according to some people on the internet)

    after further research on this i learned that this is called “Jhatka” and it is similar to halal in a way. link for reference

    As long as the animals are killed humanely without suffering and then made use of for a proper cause is ok in my book. Humans can be extremly cruel to animals (ever seen how they kill cattle in SL ?) but i think this is not such a case.


    • So in your point of view, as long as the animal is killed humanely with 1 swipe its ok? terrorists all over the world kill people with suicide bombs which takes plenty in 1 swipe… is that a fair tactic in your book too? Regardless if you kill a cow, a goat or a human we all are living things. Just like you, they feel pain too… don’t you think? Unintentional death is one thing but commiting an act of taking another’s life should not be ok in nobody’s book.


      • You somehow have gotten a “humane” religious sacrifice(which also feeds the hungry who cant afford a proper meal) with religious(they think they are) fanatics who like to blow things up just to cause chaos and act on only helping themselves…
        Killing things for no reason cannot be right in any religion. but these rituals have been going on for a very long time now and certain groups need to keep them going, for whatever reason they believe in.
        who are you(or anyone else) to look down on another race/religion or their beliefs.
        Its a big world mate, so learn to keep a more open mind. 🙂

        Moving on…
        I cudnt agree with you more about animals feeling pain just like us humans and taking another’s life not being really ok in anybody’s book. ofcourse if you took the time to think about the simple fact, which is how difficult/impossible it would be for people who are so deeply rooted in their ancient religious way to change, you would have commented a bit differently(atleast) i imagine.

        The world we live in is not perfect after all. if your complaining about something at least try to be a bit realistic and try and offer a solution… or at the very least think about it.


  2. This cannot be some kind of Hindu ritual????? I never thought Hindus would harm an animal… I guess it’s the notion you get considering they’re mainly vegetarians.
    Whatever it is, it’s so so sad 😦

  3. There’s only a thin line between humans and animals. That line is blurred by these kind of things that humans do. What has happened to the collective conscience of the human race?

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