Wedding Babylon


Wedding babylonI was one of the lucky few who won one of the book giveaway competitions recently and had the honour of getting my very own autographed copy of this book. You wouldnt believe the agony i went through waiting for this book, but all i can say is that it was all worth it. The book is based around the wedding planners of penrose and all the humanly horrid things they have to put up with just to make the bride happy.

Imogen Edwards-Jones – author of Hotel Babylon, Pop Babylon and Fashion Babylon which has been made into a TV series  is at it again. She has released a book that spills the beans about the UK wedding industry. She takes us behind the scenes of the excesses of the industry and focuses on the real life bridezillas.

Its all based on the rich and famous and the horrid decisions they make when it comes to their weddings. I know that we tend to think that most weddings in this country costs an arm and leg, but wait till you see the prices that these so called families are throwing out for ridiculous things that doesnt even last for over an hour sometimes.

They pay attention to detail and make sure they do whatever it takes to destress the bride on her wedding. The book lifts the veil on the excesses of the wedding industry – the scams which inflate the prices of everything from flowers to cakes to marquee hire and the wedding disaster stories of high jinxing at the altar and disastrous low comedy in the speeches. It highlights how the potential for things to go horribly wrong is never higher than at a wedding and how the dream day is never far from becoming a nightmare. It shows you how catty mother in laws can get and worst of all your own mother. It shows you how some mothers seems to think that it is their big day and they make it a point to make a statement. A great book to read and laugh about specially for the brides who have already gone through it, and even better for the brides to be as you can get some great pointers.


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