Unconditional Love – Part 2



Parents…. Oh how we love to blame them for everything that we have gone through and everything we go through. Sometimes when we talk to our friends and we discuss about things our parents didn’t let us do, we realize that they all think alike. I always used to tell everyone that all our parents went to the same parenting school. That’s why they the very same things like “As long as you’re under my roof you’ll do as I say”

Most of the times we hate our parents for what they make us do. We blame them for our problems because it’s the easy way out. I once had a friend who I used to work with and she used to always scream out to the entire office “Don’t blame me, my parents are messed up and that’s why I’m like this”

I, myself am not an independent person. My parents do everything for me. For me life is all about comfort…. from the day I was small my parents did everything. No, they didn’t have a whole load of money but they did try their level best to never say no to me when I always asked for something I wanted. In a few weeks my parents will be leaving me and my brother for good and migrating with my little brother. Circumstances are such that we do not have the chance to go with them. So truthfully speaking, after they leave my life will actually truly begin. The responsibilities and to take care of myself will be something new to me that I will have to learn everything from scratch.

It never fails to amaze me sometimes that I can’t seem to save my monthly salary to take care of myself and our parents happen to feed all of us with what they get and they manage to save. They truly are miracles, or I guess its all about understanding the realities of life and what its like to have a hard life. Sometimes even though we find life to be harsh, it’s amazing how our parents try to shield us from all the agony and suffering in this world. Their love is unconditional and we always fail to see that we are the reason they go through everythng in life. Bad or Worse. Their whole life is based on giving us the best……. and how much do we do for them in return?


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  1. Very gud post gal…:) one thn i alwyz beleive is dat…no matter wot u say or do to ur parents..it cud b good or bad…..they r d only human beings n dis world who wud not think of hurting u n anyway. beleive n dem coz dey only do wot dey think is best for u…cheers.

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