Animal Cruelty



Someone once told me that everything happens for a reason and to this day I truly believed that. The past few days have taken a bit of a turn in my life in terms of what I have witnessed. I am one of those unlucky few who seem to have a knack of always encountering a dog on the street suffering after an accident. I came across this article on the web and it made me sick to my stomach. It’s all about rich popular people getting away with what they want. Being an ardent dog lover, I find it heartbreaking if I see them suffering.

I know for a fact that there are people who have gone through the same thing I see everyday. Just watching those innocent animals suffer is the worst thing in the world. One of my friends was nice enough to talk to me and tell me that maybe we should start a campaign for dog sterilization. So at the moment I’m all hyped up to for this new venture. Getting back to the article I mentioned before, it was about a famous pro football quarter back Michael Vick who was recently arrested on the charges of having dog fights.

Michael Vick and three other men were arrested on charges related to their alleged operation of a dog fighting ring based at a property Vick owns in southeastern Virginia. Vick was highly involved in the operation, alleging that he attended fights and paid off bets when his dogs lost. He was also involved in the executions of dogs that did not perform well. Officers reportedly found equipment associated with dog fighting, blood stains on the walls of a room and a bloodstained carpet stashed on the property. They reportedly removed more than 60 dogs from the property. Sources have said he’s been involved in dog fighting for more than 30 years. He has trained and fought — by his estimation — about 2,000 pit bulls.

When I read about this story I was truly appalled at the fact that people could be so heartless and watch poor animals suffer just for their entertainment. I understand that pit bulls are known as some of the most violent and vicious creatures, but they have the right to be treated properly. In my honest opinion I think that this person should end up in jail for a very long time but then again he will probably come back, have a great season of foot ball and everyone will forget about his charges after that… that’s the reality of this world…..


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  1. that’s sad. 😦 my sis was telling me certain red-neckish people in Oz used to beat up Koalas and put them in trash cans. Why anyone would beat up such a peaceful creature is beyond me.. 😦 humans are cruel.

    • yeahh i know exactly what you mean.. its a cruel cruel world… even here.. sometimes you see people who knock dogs on the road in broad daylight and they just drive off like nothing happened. It just surprises me that people actually don’t have hearts….. 😦

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