Afghan Wife Starving Law



I know that most of us women always seem to think that we are ill-treated and we have it rough in life. We always complain about money and clothes and food, but one thing for certain when it comes to our laws as of yet we haven’t had anything harsh dictated towards us.

From the time I was in school I took an interest to the ways in which the Afgan laws were dealt with. The Taliban regime as well as Osama Bin laden were some of my most talked about topics. I truly believe even to this day that we women have it easy compared to even in the Middle East. We have always been given the right to choose as well as be educated. Women in Afghanistan as well as many other countries are deprived of their basic needs such as food. During the Taliban regime we saw an immense amount of rules that made sure women had to beg on the streets to feed their children.

So it came to the point that the Taliban’s grip on the country was gradually decreasing. Even though women weren’t given the rights they deserve, the governance on the country is not as harsh as it once was.  Today I came across an article in the BBC about President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and how he is allowing a bill pass for Men to starve their wives, if they refuse them sex.

I have seen and heard and read horrible stories of these kinds of events, but never about a president agreeing to such a scandalous act. It’s horrendous to even think that women are treated so terribly with absolutely no respect. A bill such as this screams out human rights. This is a country in which woman must get her husband’s permission to work; and fathers and grandfathers are given exclusive custody of children.

Among the law’s provisions are those

• Wives are obliged to have sexual relations with their husbands at least once every four days

• Women cannot leave home without their husband’s permission

Critics say the law limits the rights of women from the Shia minority and authorizes rape within marriage.

We come to a point in which we realize how cruel the world works sometimes and how unfair it is. We still are in a time in which female circumcision takes place and our daughters getting raped and harassed. Life is definitely not a straight road to walk on but a road that twists and turns in all directions and once in a while takes us through some turns we just can’t seem to get out of. It’s horrible to see women like this suffer and we can only hope that things will change in the future. People should stand up for such inhumane acts such as this. This is a direct violation of all human rights.


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  1. That’s sad. Reading books like Kite runner shows the other side of Afghanistan when the country was actually livable. Radicalism just keep on ruining it.

    • Kite runner is a fantastic book, but if you want something with a true portrayal of how women are treated, i would recommend the Princess Trilogy… thats if you havent read it already…

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