Marriageable age limit to come down in Sri Lanka



This country is going to the dogs aint it? The rules being imposed these days from our governement has been fantastic. As me and the people in my office are very good at finding interesting articles to laugh about, we came across this article in the Daily Mirror. “The Government is to bring amendments to the existing marriage laws by reducing the marriageable age to 16 years from the existing 18, Additional Solicitor General, Palitha Fernando said”

If someone can explain to me why our hare brained governement is planning to make this final i would very much appreciate it. What happened to the freedom education? What are we turning into the middle east countries? whats next? women have to cover themselves from head to toe? What about goin to school and getting a proper education for your self. By doing this you are just taking away the entire life for your daughter.

This is definitely a country thats moving backwards. I mean lets think about it a little bit here, are we going back to the stone ages in which we pretty much had nothing to do but get married to each other? If porn sites are banned then why the hell are they allowing the marriage limit to keep getting lower? To tell our youngsters “Dont watch sex but get married early and experience it” ??? is that the message we are trying to send out?

Sometimes we make so many mistakes when we are young. We believe that our school sweethearts are the one for us to live with for the rest of our lives. With rules like this, we are just helping kids to make mistake and get married and then wonder “why?” for the rest of their lives.


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  1. Totally agree with you King D!! Bringing down the age to 16 yeas is outrageous and it’s obvious that it’ll affect the female half of the population!!!

    I’m pretty sure females will very soon have to walk around in sacks!!

  2. yah.It’s going to be 15 years now !!.Because of this Adult Age limit will become 15 & this will make non Educated people & child prostitutes too !….95% of Srillankans are against to this law !!

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