Blunder Queens – Mobitel and BCCSL


So I got myself to leave work early yesterday just so that I could go watch the T20 match for the first time in my life. I am definitely not a big fan of cricket, but I find the short ones quite interesting. Most of my friends were very adamant about wanting to go watch it and so was my brother. So I honestly had no other option than to tag along. So my brother booked tickets for us ages ago as he is an ardent fan of this damn sport. Me

The shocking news was when we got there, they told us they wouldn’t let us in because the entire stadium was booked solid. Now don’t get me wrong, we all had our own tickets, and they were genuine so we were very confused as to why we were standing outside and somebody else was inside.

It doesn’t even get better than that. The police were there with their batons, taking out all their frustration out on the people who was waiting to get inside. All we wanted to do was just go in and watch the god for saken match and we had to stay here and get beaten up by the cops. We were informed that there were VVIP inside, who were obviously given our seats by the sponsors (Mobitel) since their faces were up the governments ass and they needed to make sure it stayed there.

The maximum capacity the stadium could hold was 35,000 people and they had overbooked the place. What I don’t understand is that, if a customer is going to pay for his seat then what right does anyone have to resell his ticket? If it was a black market thing I do get it, but it was pretty obvious that Mobitel and BCCSL had their own agenda as to whom they wanted to invite and they didn’t care much about the actual people who paid for their tickets. The entire match was so disorganized and it was a horrible experience. We were only sent in When Sri Lanka started playing, and we all know that didn’t last long. All in all it was juts a waste of time and effort, and I think most of the people who were standing with us would agree and we hope that the sponsors would take some initiative to make sure that this is not repeated again.


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  1. It’s actually called Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) now… not BCCSL

    besides never froget the golden rule in watching cricket in SL..
    get there early… I went to watch the 5th ODI and we were seated a good 1 hour early..

    and I remember the same issue happening during the last series the year b4…. (was it India? or Eng.)… they over sell and blame “forged” tickets..

  2. Welcome to the realities of the Khettarama stadium! I once even got into the A Lower stand without a ticket! 🙂

    BTW, how did you book the tickets in advance and which seats did you book?

    • Well my brother actually got the tickets for us… he booked the tickets from the cricket board and went and bought whatever ticket was available.

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