Believe it or not… this is the shocking revelation in Sri Lanka today. I didn’t come up with this caption. A leading newspaper in Sri Lanka, well known for their fantastic journalism, came out with this piece of writing. I didn’t even notice this till a colleague of mine ran up to me with the paper in his hands and shoved it in my face. I couldn’t stop laughing since I read it. This is the recent plight of good old Sri Lanka. The same colleague who showed me the paper, howled away laughing saying “I guess this is the beginning of an era of test tube babies”

So what did we all do? Sat together and read the article. We did nothing but just roll our eyes with every sentence that came up. The government had taken it upon themselves to restrict all the adults only movies showed in the theatres, as well as block porn sites. Now you can just imagine my dismay as well as a thousand other peoples. Having the movies blocked is one thing. But porn? I mean even if it is justified by the fact that, it’s to protect our children, then what about the adults? Don’t they have a right to view those websites at the comfort of their homes?

All I can see is a Government who is trying to control every aspect of our day to day lives with yet more ridiculous actions such as this. I was contemplating about this with our own Tinman himself and we were just thinking that Mr. President has proved yet again what a dingbat he is. The funny thing is.. no matter how much this screams out “Invasion of Privacy” no one is really doing much are they? And why? Well firstly its because everyone knows there’s a limit to the number of sites they can block. I mean come on…. I seriously doubt there will be much progress on this… and even if they do manage to block most of them… people are just going to find ways to work around it… The government might be smarter.. but they underestimate the power and knowledge of us minor folk.

So what do we call this?? War against Porn!! The recent school girl killing sealed the deal on it more.. and don’t blame people for that… blame that god for saken excuse for a school for this incident.. Its probably the only school I know which is messed up enough to have so many students kill themselves.. I mean why wont someone investigate on how screwed up that institution is? So all in all.. we come to one conclusion.. war against terror is over and the war against porn has begun!!!


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  1. //All I can see is a Government who is trying to control every aspect of our day to day lives with yet more ridiculous actions such as this//

    i also feel like that

  2. In order to prevent surfing the net for sex and porn sites in SL hundreds of proxies to be blocked.

    There are forums started to publish the links to download redtube and tube8 now

    How do the GOS block all??????????????????

  3. this all to best answer in saudi goverment.they blocked all sex & porn way to come sex forom over the internet.i thin that good & maching for over culture

    • are you insane? Good?!?! This is terrible, not just cuz i dont mind a good porno every now and then, but because this causes kids and adults to seek sexual satisfation in different ways, like rape or underage sex, not a good thing at all.

      • u moron….. read the damn thing properly.. I DONT want them to ban the sites u idiotic fool… I just added a heading that the papers carried out here… read the whole thing next time b4 you bother to comment.

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