Passing Storm



All the characters in this story are fictional and bear no resemblance to any events, places or characters either living or dead. Any such occurrences are merely co-incidental.

Hold Me
Like The River Jordan
And I Will Then Say To Thee
You Are My Friend

Carry Me
Like You Are My Brother
Love Me Like A Mother
Would You Be There?

Will you be there– Michael Jackson

As my eye lids fall heavily asleep, I wander into a deep sleep. Suddenly I feel like I am trapped, as I wake up to a land of no return. Endless roads that lead me to the restful mountains offered me no solace, so I began my journey through it. I came to a stop beneath a mountain that paved a deep road across it as I heard my name being called out from a distance. I wandered through it and came to the very top of the mountain. A man so timid, so tiny was sitting there with his back facing me. Something told me not to disturb him but join him, and I did. He looked at me once and I was startled by his image. He had no eyes, he had no mouth and most of his head was shattering right before my eyes into pieces and falling into the ground as dust. I asked him what happened…. And he answered me through my thoughts. “Child… there are many things in life that occur which we cannot change. I am the true bearer of all those changes. God made this world with the hope that we co exist, but we have done nothing but prove him wrong. So God made me and my brothers. We were given the task to make the world a better place, but if we failed we would suffer grave consequences. I was the true bearer of friendship and I failed”. And then he began his story………

Dimithri was the type of guy that you could always depend on. After a number of failed marriages, he thought to himself that life could be a little less complicated if he stayed alone for sometimes. His life merely whizzed away past him in a blur and he wondered everyday as to what he did wrong in life. His choice of friends has always been quite interesting. At this point of time he believed in enjoying life to the fullest and he just didn’t have a distinct idea on how he should proceed. Life has taken many twists and turns for him and even though he has a comfortable job and a house to live in, he just didn’t feel secure with his place in life and he felt lonely when he didn’t have someone to come back to after a tiring day at work.

I was left confused as to why the old man was telling me a story about a lonely guy. At that instant, he looked at me.. and even though I knew he could not see anything.. I felt his eyes penetrate me as he understood my confusion. He mentioned to me that this was the reason for his demise, and I needed to understand it clearly as I needed to change the course of history. After that he continued… not even trying to explain what he meant before.

Enter Steve

The reckless one. The one who believed the world was his play ground and God has given him the freedom to do as he wishes. Steve has been a happy go lucky guy. Having gone through a tragic incident at the early stages of his life, Steve believed that there are moments in life that shouldn’t be wasted with petty things. His love was his work. His passion was to mess with peoples heads. He believed in fooling around and enjoying life to the fullest, but when it came to love, Steve always had a way of making it his most important priority. He was a guy cut out of a precious stone that disappeared after his birth.

Dimithri and Steve were worlds apart and opposites in every shape and form. Yet, they got along like they were brothers from birth. Steve pretty much spent most of his time at Dimithri’s place along with a whole bunch of their friends. They spent every waking minute together and the only time they would be apart was when they worked. The friendship they shared was truly memorable. Not many people have ever had the opportunity to boast about something that precious. When they needed each other, they were always there and they watched each others backs through it all.

At this moment the old man stood up and trembled with anger.. I couldn’t tell the expressions on his face but I noticed the clouds tightening in darkness near us and I realized that it was another way of his emotions being portrayed. He clenched his fists tightly, which only helped no one but the sand awaiting his arrival as his fingers shook and fell to the ground. With anger in his voice he commenced his story…

Enter Sabrina

The married, former lover of Dimithri. A selfish woman of all sorts that wanted nothing but to have her cake and eat it. She filled Dimithris head with hopes of marriage and love, but kept on dragging him down the road of infidelity. At first Dimithri didn’t bother too much, but then he started questioning himself and her. He wanted more. He wanted to know why she couldn’t choose to be with him when she profusely conveyed her love to him. This left Dimithri confused and heartbroken. During these days, Dimithri was on a very short fuse and everything about everyone else just ticked him off. So he chose to take his anger out on his one true friend who stood by him through out the years. Steve.

During the next few days Dimithri treated Steve with the utmost disrespect. He humiliated him in front of all their friends and he finally completely shut Steve out. Steve tried his best to forgive him and talk to him but Dimithri’s mind had already been poisoned. The friendship that would have been an example to many had just turned to dust right before our eyes. Steve blamed Sabrina and Dimithri blamed Steve, yet everyone was pointing the finger at each other but no one came up with a solution to the problem.

I looked into the old mans face when he finished his story and even though there weren’t any eyes, I saw tears fall down his face and into his hands. At that moment I couldn’t do anything but cry along with him. I watched him join the ground little by little as he continued crying. It made me wonder. Why do we always throw away the most important things for us? Why do we push away the only people that care the most about us? Do we blame it on human nature and be happy about it? Or should we take time to wonder why we behave like this?

We never think that our actions eventually have consequences we cannot change. We forget that there are things we say which we cannot take back no matter what we try to do to console ourselves.


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