Every morning she wakes up and listen to the birds chirping outside her window… at first it seems like the melody of the gods, but when she listens closely it starts to ring in her head and annoy her. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and think, how will things turn out today, and then you realize the more you think the more you remember the problems you had the day before and before you know it it all come sback to you.

For Terri, the day began with her wondering, will he think of me as much as i think of him? Will he be there for me when i need him today unlike every other day? But most importantly, will he listen? Life takes many twists and turns along the way and each time the gods above throw us little curve balls just to see which way we would swerve to duck it. For Terri it seemed like God really was in the mood to pick on her on a daily basis. Everyday she seemed to mess something up at work, coming home was a dread she just couldnt bear anymore and most importanly Donny seemed to be avoiding her. She always felt like he was avoiding her, but in reality it waqs just the fact that he was way too busy for anything other than his work in his life. Terri was a simple girl. She didnt ask for jewellery or the moon and the stars. She asked for simple things like to spend time with him or just to speak to him.

In the rare few moments that she does get the opportunity to speak to him she feels like shes been talking to a wall. Eventhough Donny is agreeing with her.. she knows his not listening to her… and thats all she wants. When he talks about his work and how people said this and that to him, it breaks her heart while she wonders to herself “will he remember what i asked him 5 minutes ago?” After they have had their own fight about him not paying her attention, she walks down her road crying and wondering… will he ever listen? or just hear?

Most of us go through the same thing… and yet we find no solution to the problem.. Will they ever change for us? or are we worth the change for them?


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  1. Yet another interesting blog… almost all of us go thru this I guess at some stage and I doubt things change 😉 Just got to learn to live with it… or simply make yourself VERY loud that you just can’t be unheard 😀

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