Gaming Community in Sri Lanka



Being a typical kind of girl who wasn’t that into these so called great games such as Counter Strike, Dota and Call of duty, I wasn’t all too interested in the progress or what happened and who raped whomJ in all these matches. Having two brothers who have an undying passion for gaming has always made it revolve in my life no matter how much I want to just shut it out.

And then came Tin Man J a person I have known for the past 6 years or so… I knew he loved warcraft long time back and he promised to teach me.. But since I have kicked his butt around in everything else.. (Quake) he realized it won’t look too good if I whooped his ass in this too. So here I am sad as a puppy because no one is taking the time to teach me.

My two brothers, fellow Vegeta and Frostbite were big time CS players and frosty tried to teach me but I seemed to have serious problems with aiming, so he gave up on me too. When the tournaments came along.. lets just say some were really well organized, I seemed to be one of the only girls there and even though I did feel awkward at first, the thrill of watching these guys play is amazing… I think my all time favourite CS player will always be Killerlot.. Sorry for the other guys.. I guess I haven’t noticed you guys play. 😦

From the very beginning I always thought gaming was a complete and utter waste of time, and to some extent I still believe so.. but I understand why most guys get addicted to it and make their lives revolve around it. It’s the thrill of the game I guess. I do believe that most of you guys do waste a lot of time on it when u can do a lot more with your time, but I understand to some extent the hype of it.. I guess I wont really understand it till someone takes the time to teach me 🙂

All in all i have met some superb people through that… i dont think ill remember everyones names but just a small mention.. other than for my two dopey brothers ofcourse… tin-man, breaker, scala, ryan, killerlot, liverpool, The entire FEAR team i cant remember… 🙂 ice man, shit… i cant remmeber.. all the guys i play poker with 🙂


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