Reasons the Harry Potter movies didnt work



Please dont get me wrong for writting this but its the co mmplete truth from my side of town. Firstly let me say that i am one of the biggest fans of the entire Harry Potter Franchise…. the imagination of the author had captivated me for years and years and i used to count the days till the books came out. When i heard the movie was about to be released i was very happy. I loved the idea of it, and i knew that the author would make sure they did justice to the book. So in my honest opinion the Movies…. SUCKED… i dont know which half brained twit thinks that the movies are good but i can assure you that they are the worst movies ever released and no child should be given the misfortune to watch them.

Why the Movie was a flop:

1) Change in Directors

Have you even once noticed why every movie had a completely different director… why couldnt they just stick to one guy and carried on with his vision? but nooo they had to go choose different people.. and what happenes?? one guy wants the movie darker than the rest and the other guys try to out do hijm.. and at some points the movie turned out to be a joke.. the whole point why the movie is never consistent is because wach one has his own view on the subject and they think they can edit whichever they want regardless of the fact that the movie is one of the most anticipated movies and it is their job to make it worth our time. Ever considered why Lord of the rings was such a success? because the Director peter jackson was a fan and he wanted to bring out the true and proper aspects of the movie. He edited the most relevent parts and still made sure the movie stayed true to the book.

2) The useless actors

Oh good lord who would wish so much hate on the Harry potter we love? the actors they chose for the movie is just downright insulting. The actors who portrayed them (Heaven forbid i do not want to utter their names) were simply horrendous. Their acting was soo rushed and forced and they were soo talentless. I felt so sorry for them. The only reason they are popular was because they were british but they are rubbish as actors. I came across ms. hermione grangers other movies and i was simply appalled coz it was the same forced nonsense she gave out in harry potter. Sad as it may sound didnt they try to make it seem like harry and hermione were going to hook up during all the movies??? I mean did any of these people read the damn books?? Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson certainly weren’t going to be winning any Best Actor or Actress awards for their performances.

The movies didn’t come close (or really appear to even make a decent attempt) at replicating and enhancing onscreen the emotional climaxes of the book. All i can say is i hope they stop making all these movies and embarrassing everyone coz its a shamefull disappointment..


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