What is love?


When it’s love you give
Then in love you live.
I’ll be the rock you can build on,
Be there when you’re old,
To have and to hold.
When there’s love inside
Then there’s a reason why.
I’ll be the wall that protects you
From the wind and the rain,
From the hurt and pain.

Brian Adams – All for love


What is love? Does anyone know? We all have different definitions on what we feel love is… for me love is about protection and commitment and trust. I need to feel the secureness that the person im with loves me with all his heart. I hate being in a relationship where you feel that you just cant trust him. It kills you inside and it destroys your beliefs when your proven right. All of us need to believe that we are loved. We began life with confidence when we bathed in our mothers love. Love was never a question then. But throughout the years and over time our certainty has definitely been clouded. What is love to you?


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