5 ways to Tick your boss off


1. Always offer up problems! Not solutions

Oh I love doing this. Especially in a meeting in front of everyone else. Well most of the time its just feedback right? But I have realized that I have been the cause for many increased problems as I say “nope can’t do that coz of this”. Most supervisors don’t have enough problems of their own and relish the chance to take on yours. So think of it as that you are doing them a favour. J

2. Politely suggest he reduce the number of slides in his presentation.

Most bosses are under the impression that they know everything there is to know about what they are about to speak about.. little do they know that you are in utter boredom anticipating the minutes before he ends.

3. When given a deadline, don’t meet it.

In fact, it would work in your best interest to even deny the fact that you’d been given orders in the first place. If asked to do the project again, explain that you’re busy with other more important tasks and forget it once again.

4. Come into work late everyday.

Preferably at least 30-45 minutes past the expected time you’re supposed to be in your office chair. Make no apologies for your lateness, or simply brush off any comments from your boss, manager, and/or co-workers.

5. Clueless.

When you work in complete denial of your short-comings never consider how, what you do impacts others and fail to “think outside the box” when it comes to how your work gets done, you are clueless. That means taking into consideration any advice passed your way (whether you choose to use it or not).

Anyone of us have tried any of these? 🙂 i have


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