Ballet Shoes


ballet shoesSet in Thirties London, Ballet Shoes is a tale of orphans Pauline, Petrova and Posy Fossil, who are adopted by an eccentric explorer, Gum, and raised as sisters by his selfless niece. Pauline longs to be an actress, Petrova yearns to be an aviator, and Posy seems born to be a ballerina. But when Gum disappears, the money runs out – and the girls have a fight on their hands.

The movie started off quite well and I was actually quite interested in it because of Emma Watson because of her fame from Harry Potter. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think she’s a great actress.. Frankly I never thought she had any talent. It feels like she’s trying soo hard to have some fixed expressions on her face that it seems like she’s constipated. This movie was utter trash in my books. The story line was simply horrendous. The journey these girls take and the outcome at the end was disappointing. I believed that Petrova was the only Sister who had a heart. She was my favorite throughout the entire movie. The other two were selfish heartless girls who had absolutely no talent. It was stupid that a little girl would go up to the greatest ballet instructor and mind you give him attitude and make him watch her dance and then he would just ask her to join them. Righttt!!!!! All in all it was a stupid, dim-witted, dreadful, unbearable movie that made me yawn and wonder when it would end. wnbg4587z3


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